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Horseback Riding in Mallorca: Riding on the Beach

Reiten auf Mallorca

Do you love horses and are looking for an opportunity to spend equestrian vacations or horse riding holidays in Mallorca? Or maybe you just want to enjoy a bit of horseback riding on Mallorca? Perhaps even ride to the beach for a sunset experience? Or take your kids for a pony excursion? All of that is possible.

Cala Deià & Deià: An Unique Coastal Mountain Village

Schnitzeljagd in Deià

No big Instagram profile skips the snapshots of Cala Deià. The distinctive bay ranks high among Mallorca’s top destinations. But don’t sleep on Deià – also known as Deyà – it’s a picturesque village. Nestled in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, both the mountain village and rugged bay are only reachable through the impressive coastal road linking Valldemossa to Sóller. Visitors not only get a deep dive into the region’s history but also soak in breathtaking views of the vast sea during their visit.

The Solidary Cala Figuera Beach in the North of Mallorca

Cala Figuera Strand am Cap de Formentor

The unspoiled Cala Figuera Beach on the Formentor Peninsula is likely the most secluded spot in Mallorca during the winter. The rough cliffs face the sea, and winds blow from all directions. In the summer, it’s calmer on the seaside, but more people find their way to the bay. They come for snorkeling and to admire the impressive scenery between mountains and sea.

Road Trips in Mallorca: Ultimate Guide with 8 Itineraries to Explore the Island by Car

Ausflüge mit dem Auto auf Mallorca

Mallorca might not be known as the ultimate destination for carefree road trips, but having a car at your disposal is often necessary, since the most beautiful spots are rarely accessible by public transportation. To ensure you don’t miss out on anything, I’ve put together various road trips on Mallorca. This comprehensive article presents eight captivating itineraries that can be seamlessly combined for one-day, two-day, three-day, or longer road trips. Whether you have eight days to spare or just one, you can customize your journey to uncover the hidden gems and stunning landscapes of Mallorca at your own pace.

The Most Beautiful Boat Trips in Mallorca

Bootstouren auf Mallorca

There’s nothing more delightful than exploring the rugged coastline and the Mediterranean Sea on various boat trips in Mallorca. With the sea breeze on your face, you’ll discover secluded beaches and hidden coves. The possibilities are almost endless, catering to every interest group and budget. We’ll help you sort through the options and determine which boat tour in Mallorca is the best for you.