Horseback Riding in Mallorca: Riding on the Beach

Do you love horses and are looking for an opportunity to spend equestrian vacations or horse riding holidays in Mallorca? Or maybe you just want to enjoy a bit of horseback riding in Mallorca? Perhaps even ride to the beach for a sunset experience? Or take your kids for a pony excursion? All of that is possible.

horseback riding in mallorca

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There are numerous riding stables (ranchos) and equestrian clubs (club hipico) in Mallorca, not limited to tourist areas and some open year-round. Their offerings cater to both absolute beginners and experienced riders, ranging from short rides to full-day excursions to the beach and even multi-day horse riding trips that include overnight stays in tents and monasteries. You can find all the essential information about horse riding in Mallorca in the following article.

Horseback riding in Mallorca has a tradition: Trotting Races

Animals in general, and horses specifically, were primarily working animals in Mallorca’s past. They served a purpose, and there was little time for sports and recreation outside the demanding work life. However, a bit of fun fits even into the toughest workday. In the 19th century, the first horse owners initiated small competitions to determine who owned the strongest horse.

horseback riding mallorca

From this, the Trot Balear was born, a trotting race where horses pull a jockey in an open carriage at the fastest possible trot. If a horse breaks into a gallop, it is disqualified. Trotting races still take place, especially on weekends. There are two trotting tracks in Mallorca; one in Palma and the other in Manacor. Those interested in witnessing this spectacle can do so at the Hipòdrom Son Pardo. Admission is free, and betting starts at one Euro. In total, trotting races occur on approximately 70 days a year.

Horseback Riding in Mallorca on the Beach and in Nature

Long beaches, rugged mountains, extended cliffs. There’s hardly a backdrop where horseback riding in Mallorca isn’t possible. Many horse farms offer training sessions for novice riders. Some even have their own accommodations, allowing for a horse riding vacation in Mallorca. Here’s an overview of the most renowned ranchos and club hipicos in Mallorca.

Riding in Alcúdia: Rancho Ses Roques

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At Rancho Ses Roques near Alcúdia, you can not only visit the equestrian center but also the farm with a small petting zoo. For kids, there’s the opportunity for pony rides. Horseback excursions lead into the inland areas, and a free pickup service is provided to surrounding hotels.

All excursions start at the petting zoo, where you can feed the farm animals. After that, you get your equipment and set out with the horses. You’ll ride around Alcúdia through wooded areas, up into the mountains, offering views of the beaches of Alcúdia. The excursion is easy and suitable for beginners. Photos are taken during the tour, which you can purchase later.

Horseback Riding in Peguera: Rancho La Romana


Rancho La Romana offers daily rides for both beginners and advanced riders. For younger children, pony walks are also available.

Horseback Riding in Llucmajor: Mallorca Horses

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Mallorca Horses equestrian center is located in the Valley of Randa, offering horseback rides for beginners starting from seven years old. Before the excursions, there’s a theoretical session for everyone to interact with the animals. One possible ride takes you through the valleys of Randa. A slightly longer excursion goes through the vineyards in the island’s center to a farmhouse church. Refreshments and photos are included in all excursions.

Horseback Riding Mallorca

For a more unique experience, there’s a special excursion where you not only ride through the vineyards but also get to taste the wines produced there. You can access this excursion here.

Horseback Riding on the Beach in Mallorca: Finca Son Menut

Finca Son Menut is a reputable holiday estate that offers both riding lessons and horseback excursions. The short two-hour trips explore the nearby countryside, while full-day excursions take you to various monasteries in the area and to Es Trenc Beach, allowing you to ride directly on the beach.

Lunch is included in the full-day trips. Children aged six and above can participate in various offerings based on their experience. They also provide riding lessons, pony rides, and the opportunity to spend your horseback riding holiday in Mallorca. For more information, visit

Horseback Riding in Porto Petro: Rancho Jaume

Rancho Jaume is located near the coast, close to Porto Petro. They offer rides through the surrounding forests and the Mondragó Nature Park. Pony rides are available for younger children. The rides are suitable for both beginners and advanced riders.

Horseback Riding in Sa Coma: Rancho Sa Coma

Located near the beach at the entrance of the Punta n’Amer nature reserve is the Rancho Sa Coma riding stable, where opinions vary. The owner is a true Mallorcan who doesn’t speak much.

His horses roam freely on the small peninsula around the castle n’Amer during quieter months, but are also available for excursions. There’s an option for pony rides for younger children.

Phone: +34 971 81 05 30

Horseback Riding in Cala Millor: Rancho Bonanza

On the other side of the peninsula in Cala Millor is the Rancho Bonanza riding stable. The excursions are only slightly different from the Rancho Sa Coma offerings, but the service is more comprehensive.

For example, sunset rides are offered in the summer, and there’s a shuttle service to and from the holiday accommodation. Find all the information on

Horseback Riding in Cala Ratjada

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In Cala Ratjada, German expatriates have been offering excursions into the adjacent nature reserve and along the beach of Cala Agulla for over 35 years. The rides are adjusted in length and difficulty to the riders’ skills and last from one to 3.5 hours. The excursions go into the surrounding countryside and to the nearby beaches.

Horseback riding on the beach in mallorca

They offer riding lessons for beginners and pony rides for younger children. All rides are tailored to the guests’ experience levels. So, there’s something for everyone. The horse riding stable in Cala Ratjada offers horse riding excursions year-round. They speak Spanish, English, and German.

Rancho Grande Park – Son Serra de Marina

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The Rancho Grande Park Mallorca in Son Serra de Marina is not just a horse farm but also a playground for children. It’s a place where families can connect with animals in the midst of pristine nature.

horseback riding tours in mallorca

The farm is operated by the Martorell family, now in its third generation. Horseback rides are available on the expansive 1500 hectares of land, including the beach. To wrap up a day at the ranch, you can enjoy a meal on the spacious terrace or participate in a barbecue.

Rancho Can Picafort

Since 1970, Rancho Can Picafort has been arranging tours through the pine forest, the nature reserve, and along the beach. Excursions last from one to three hours, with pony rides available for younger children. Find all the essential information at

More opportunities for horseback riding in Mallorca

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