100+ Things to do in Mallorca with Kids

There are so many things to do in Mallorca with kids that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Over the years, I’ve published here many activities and outings for all ages. By now there are more than 100 possibilities and suggestions. And although this blog addresses mainly parents planning their trip to Mallorca, there is just as much to discover for people who travel without kids.

Things to do in Mallorca with Kids

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What types of recommendations will you find in this article? Over the past years, the page has become so large and confusing that I have restructured it a bit. You will find ideas for easy hiking trails, sightseeing spots, villages and of course lots of beaches. There is a combination of well-known attractions as well as some places you may not have heard of before, even though you might know Mallorca a bit already. This post is very lengthy and is regularly updated. So come back and check on it when needed.

Perfect Activity: Take a scavenger hunt through Palmas old town.

Things to do in Mallorca with Kids by Region

North Coast & Tramuntana Mountains

Exploring Mallorca’s northern coast will take you to both mountains and beaches. The mountain range is about ten kilometers wide and is 90 kilometers long, stretching from Cap de Formentor in the northeast to the Dragonera Island in the southwest. You will find magnificent cliffs, steep hillsides, pine and oak forests, which can sometimes even touch the sea. The north of the island is rougher than the rest, but this only adds to its beauty. This part of the island has largely been spared from urban sprawl. The mountain villages are often visited by day-trippers, and the northernmost part of the Tramuntana is sparsely populated. The beaches of the Tramuntana are mostly rocky, but this has its own unique appeal.

Cap de Formentor

Located on the easternmost tip of the Balearic Island of Mallorca in Spain, the Cap de Formentor is a popular destination for tourists, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

With Kids, we recommend climbing the old watchtower halfway to the lighthouse. The Torre d’Albercutx dates back to the time of the pirates, and provides incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea. For more of an adventure, climb down to the secluded Cala Figuera Beach.

Or discover the Cap de Formentor by Sea: Several boat tours are available here.

Cap de Formentor: Pirate tower Torre d'Albercutx

Campanet Caves

Coves de Campanet

There are many caves on Mallorca, and some are rather crowded. But not this one. It’s located further away from the regular tourist hot spots and surprises with fascinating rock formations.

Get your entrance tickets here.

Natural Springs of Ses Fonts Ufanes

Fresh water is a rare thing in Mallorca. There are no rivers or streams, unless it rains a lot. If it does, a very rare natural phenomenon takes place:

In the forest on the foot of the mountains, a spring starts to gush and brings forth a huge amount of water within a few days before it dries up completely again.

You find the springs of Ses Fonts Ufanes here.

The naturals springs of Ses Fonts Ufanes

Torrent de Pareis in Sa Calobra

Torrent de Pareis and Sa Calobra

The Torrent de Pareis is a narrow canyon with towering walls. It is the most challenging hiking trail. With children, you can explore it until it gets too difficult and risky.

To get to the canyon you have to pass a nerve wrenching serpentine road to the fisherman village Sa Calobra. There are also some beaches nearby. Our favorite is the Cala Tuent beach.

Alternatively, you can take a boat to Sa Calobra.

Monestry of Lluc

Right in the middle of the mountains, you find one of the most famous monasteries of Mallorca. The convent and its surroundings offer various possibilities to pass some hours or even days.

You can take some easy hikes to impressive karstic formations, discover caves or have a barbecue. If you want to stay overnight, you can do so either in one of the convents rooms or more adventurous on the camp site.

Monasteryy of Lluc, Mallorca

The Water Reservoir of Cúber

Cúber Water Reservoir

Cúber is situated right in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains at the foot of Puig Major, Mallorcas highest mountain. There are plenty of challenging hikes in the area. But also one option for the little ones.

It starts at the parking area and goes around the lake. There are plenty of possibilities to throw rocks or sit and have a picknick.

You find Cúber here.

Castle of Alaró

Yet another very family friendly hike. It takes you to the ruin of the castle Alaró. The light version starts at the restaurant Verger.

You find the Castell d’Alaró here.

The castle ruin Castell d'Alaró

Sóller Mallorca


Sóller is a very peculiar town in the mountains. Due to the cultivation of citrus fruits and smart trading with France, it gained a significant wealth, which shows in its architecture. Here you get the chance in harvesting your own oranges on one of the traditional farms.

Interesting for kids are the old train, that takes you from Palma to Sóller or further to the harbor. There is a natural history museum and a botanical garden as well.

Take an Island tour and visit Sóller by train.

Port de Sóller

The port to the city where the pirates used to invade. Today there is no such a danger, and you can enjoy the clean beaches or wander on the trails of the pirates to Sóller or to the old pirate watchtower Torre Picada.

There is a maritime museum in the old fishermen’s quarter, Santa Catalina. It’s open on weekends and the entrance is free.

Port de Sóller

Die Gärten von Alfabia

Jardínes de Alfabia

The Jardines de Alfabia are a historic estate located close to Sóller. The hous with its impressive gardens was originally built in the 16th century and is especially famous for its lush gardens and incredible views of the nearby mountains.

All through the estate, water is the element that guides you. There are many paths, ponds, exotic plants and possibilities to play with water.

Get your entrance ticket here.

Mountain Village Deià

Deià is rather small, but has a huge amount of things to discover. First, the picturesque village itself. There’s an easy hike from the village through olive trees to the beach, Cala Deià. It’s stony, but fun for a stop.

From the beach to the left leads a path to the old watchtower. If you are more adventurous, you walk right along the coastline to the beach of LLucalcari.

Deia Mallorca

Lochfelsen Sa Foradada Mallorca

Son Marroig & Sa Foradada

When discovering the rough coast, you sooner or later will come across the archduke Louis Salvador of Austria. He loved this region of Mallorca and bought several estates to prevent them from being exploited. At the same time, he had trails built to show his noble visitors the beauty of Mallorca.

Son Marroig is one of those estates. It hosts a collection of stuff that belonged to the archduke. More interesting is its garden with an antique temple. From the house, a short trail goes down to a rock formation with a hole in it, widely known as Sa Foradada. The trail is easy, although the way back goes steady up.

Monestary Miramar

Miramar is the oldest estate in Mallorca and was in its beginnings a missionary school for foreign languages. There are numerous viewpoints that overlook the sea.

Kloster Monestir de Miramar

Raixa Mansion

Raixa is an old country house built in Italian style. The interior is nice, but special are the different gardens. One with an imposing flight of steps. A pond and a chapel with stained glass windows. The entrance to Raixa is free.

Cala Estellencs

We love the walk from the village to the beach. In summer, a bar is open. The entire route of this circular tour is paved, so you can bring a stroller along with you.

Cala Estellencs

Valldemossa Sehenswürdigkeiten


Most people visit Valldemossa because of Chopin. But there is more to the village and its surroundings. If you like to hike, we recommend following trails:

Camí d’Escolta (easy)
To s’Estaca (easy)
Ermita Santissima Trinidad (moderate)
Camí del Archiduc (difficult)

Things to do in the West of Mallorca

This part of the island, located west of Palma, is not geographically correct to include in the Tramuntana region, but it still contains some elements of the area. There is an abundance of tourist attractions and sights here, making it a popular destination.

Dragonera Island

It is also called the dragon island. Because it looks like a dragon sleeping in the sea. There are lots of friendly lizards living there. You get there by boat from Sant Elm.

Sa Dragonera Eidechse

Finca Publica Galatzo

On the public estate, there are many hiking trails around the old country house. It is said to be haunted by the Evil Count. It is especially beautiful during the almond blossom. There are numerous picnic areas.

Cap Andritxol & Caló d’en Monjo

At Cap Andritxol there is yet another well-preserved pirate watchtower. The hike there is easy and leads past the enchanting bay Caló d’en Monjo. This is an ideal spot for snorkeling.

Caló d'en Monjo

Zip Line & Tree Top Adventure Park

Through the treetops and down the zip lines: The high ropes courses are suitable for all ages. For smaller children, there is an easier course.

Get your ticket to the park here.

Sailors Cave & Lighthouse

Portals Vells is a beautiful beach and a great starting point for several adventures. Only a short walk from the beach, you find the impressive cave, that holds carvings of sailors who nearly escaped death. If you go on walking the coastline, you reach an old military area, a modern lighthouse and a pirate watchtower.

Seefahrerhöhle Portals Vells

Western Park Mallorca

Western Water Park

Wild West themed adventure park with many slides for all ages. There are plenty of shaded places. Bring your owns snacks, because the bar service is rather expensive.

Get your ticket to the park here.

Things to do with Kids in Palma de Mallorca

The island’s capital is a bustling place. Palma accounts for more than a third of the island’s population and is the hub of all the island’s main traffic routes. Nowhere else is the coast as densely populated as here. No matter where you are going to spend your holiday in Mallorca, Palma, the island’s capital, has the best infrastructure and the most sights, making it unavoidable.

Scavenger Hunt Palma

Visit the most important sights and some hidden spots in Palma de Mallorca while your kids are busy playing. We guide you through town, tell you fantastic tales, and have your kids answer questions.

Learn more about the scavenger hunt here.

Scavenger Hunt Palma

Hop on Hop off Bus

Not in the mood for a walk? No problem! The hop on, hop off bus takes you to the most important sights.

Get your tickets for the bus here.

The Cathedral

Don’t miss Palmas cathedral! Visit it, even if it’s just to have a look from the outside. There is a big playground nearby to exhaust your kids before you enter the building. The best time is early in the morning, when the sunlight dances through the colored windows and paints the interior in the colors of the rainbow. Get your online ticket here and skip the line.

Cathedral Palma

Schlösser, Festungen und Burgen auf Mallorca

Castell Bellver

The castle itself is nice, but maybe the kids enjoy it more, if you walk with them afterward through the forest. There is supposed to live a witch in a cave. However, all we found was a pretty charming and shaded playground with table tennis and zip line.

Santa Catalina and the Mill District

Santa Catalina is a nice, lively neighborhood outside the old town with an international, lively flair. Its heart is the traditional indoor market. In the past, the sailors and fishermen lived here. You’ll find some of their houses and half-ruined mills a bit away from the market.

Santa Catalina Palma de Mallorca

Military Museum Juan Carlos


The city is full of culture and museums. A nice place to visit is the military museum, Sant Carles. It’s located at the cruise port in a former military castle. The entrance is free.

Yet another bastion, Es Baluard, hosts modern art. Speaking of: Miró lived in the suburbs of Palma. His former home hold a variety of his works.

Palma Aquarium

Palma Aquarium is more than just a place to view fish and sharks. There is a large garden where you can play water balloon fights with pirates in the summer months, and a 3D cinema where you can virtually dive with whales.

Palma Aquarium

Discount: Currently the aquarium offers our readers a 17% discount with the code aquarium17. Get your tickets here.

Wasserpark Mallorca: Aqualand Arenal

Aqualand Arenal

Aqualand, Mallorca’s largest water park, offers a wide range of slides and water games for all ages. There are also special play pools for young children.

Get your entrance ticket online.

Coastal Bike Trail

From Arenal, a nice bike path leads through the bay of Palma, passing the last undeveloped coastal section of the city, fashionable suburbs and the cathedral.

Palma Costal Bike Trail

Bootstouren auf Mallorca

Boat Trips

Boat trips in Mallorca are something you can do in almost every port town on the island . In Palma there are numerous possibilities. This one is apt for the whole family and includes a swim or snorkel break.

Go Shopping

Not in the conventional stores, but in the oldest shops of Palma. Some of them are several hundred years old. All of them have a hard time competing with the convenience of internet shopping. Support them by buying there.

Einkaufen in Palma: Traditionsgeschäfte

Activities in the Center of Mallorca

Es Pla, that is the name for the plain, unspoiled land in the interior of the island. It is home to sleepy villages, roads lined with dry stone walls, and popular among cyclists which are rarely busy.

Natura Parc Mallorca

The Zoo Natura Parc

Natura Parc started as a humble farmstead, where the owner wished to show his farm animals to visitors from outside. Over time, other animals were added, including exotic ones that had been subjected to experiments and mistreatment. Today, the zoo is home to a colorful mix of animals that are allowed to live out their final years in an environment suited to their needs.

The Art of Glass Blowing

Glass and small children are a bad mix? Not if the glass is liquid. Glassblowing is an art that has a long history in Mallorca. At present, there are three workshops that still craft delicate pieces of glass art. All three of them welcome visitors to observe the glassblowers as they work with the blazing hot furnaces.

Sineu Market

The traditional Market in Sineu

The market in Sineu is one of the oldest weekly markets in Mallorca and the only one where farm animals are still sold. Even outside the market day, the small medieval town with its narrow streets is worth a visit.

Hiking with Donkeys

At Can Paulino near Llucmajor you have the opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside and the nearby mountains on a hike with donkeys. The donkeys are old and abandoned animals and enjoy a pleasant retirement on the finca.

Wandern mit Esel auf Mallorca

Puig de Ses Bruixes

The Witch Mountain

Puig de ses Bruixes is said to be the haunted by mischievous witches who enjoy playing tricks on the farmers of the nearby fields. The hike up the mountain isn’t too lengthy, although there are some sections that are quite steep.

Puig de Randa

On the Puig de Randa, the highest point of the area, you will find three monasteries. The largest, at the top of the mountain, has a restaurant and offers accommodation. Under the monastery are caves and passages that you can explore with a flashlight.


The Country House Els Calderers

Out of all the public manors, this one is the most attractive one. It doesn’t look like a museum in the slightest. The gardens are sprawling and untamed, the stables are full of contented animals, and the house is overflowing with personal things that make it appear as though the owners have only walked out for some errands.

Get your entry tickets here.

Rafa Nadal Museum

Rafa Nadal is the most famous Mallorcan. Despite his successful international career in tennis, he has never strayed far from his hometown, Manacor. A few years ago, he opened a tennis academy as well as a museum. Of course, the museum is all about tennis, but visitors can also get a close-up look at other sports through virtual reality.

Get your entrance tickets here.

Porreres Montision

Porreres & Monti Sion

Porreres is a classic Mallorcan village with many traditional crafts. The most beautiful sight is the Monti-Sion monastery, situated on a hill outside the town, with a pleasant picnic area.

The Farm Fresopolis

Fresopolis is a farm in Mallorca where children can experience the rural life and get up close with animals. The farm offers numerous activities for the whole family. Children can feed and pet the farm animals. Those who are interested can try their hand at being a cowboy, ride horses, or even wash the ponies. One of the most popular attractions is the strawberry field, where you can pick and taste delicious strawberries.

Get your tickets to Fresopolis here.

Erlebnis-Bauernhof Mallorca: Fresopolis

Things to do in the South of Mallorca

The terrain in the south of Mallorca is flat and arid. These shorelines are widely acclaimed for being able to rival the Caribbean. While the western third between Llucmajor and Campos is distinguished by broad tracts of land, in the eastern part around Felanitx and Santanyí, the lowlands of the Serra de Llevant can still be detected. Besides the countless tourists, there are also numerous city-dwellers who spend the summer in the coastal towns. Numerous of the more than 150 small calas in this region are among the most picturesque bays on the island. Concealed between rock walls and pine woods, they come in all sizes and shapes. In the winter it’s significantly quieter, yet no less lovely.

Stand Up Paddle Mallorca

Stand Up Paddle

The bays in the south are ideal for stand up paddleboarding. You can rent the surfboards at nearly all the beaches. The coastal scenery between Cala Santanyí and Caló des Moro is particularly beautiful.

Cala Pi

Cala Pi is a deep, fjord-like inlet. The entrance to the water is very shallow, making it great for kids. For a more adventurous experience, take a detour to the concealed bay of Cala Beltran.

Strand Cala Pi Mallorca

capocorb vell

Primeval Settlement

The historic site of Capocorb Vell is a great place to learn about the history of the original inhabitants of Mallorca during the Stone Age, as well as their dwellings.

Es Trenc Beach

Playa d’Es Trenc is the longest sandy beach in the south, as well as the only natural beach of its kind on the entire island. The conditions for families are ideal, although depending on the season, there may be seaweed on parts of the beach. This is a beneficial trait and helps to reduce sand erosion. About halfway down the beach, you’ll find the old salt pans. Salt is still harvested here today. If you have time, you can take a detour to the salt factory.

Playa Es Trenc

Visitor center Cabrera

Aquarium Colonia Sant Jordi

The aquarium in Colonia de Sant Jordi can’t compare to the one in Palma. Technically, it is also just the visitor center for the island of Cabrera. On an imaginary dive, you’ll be guided through the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea and see local fish in small tanks. There is a large mural that depicts the history of the Mediterranean, as well as the impressive views from the roof terrace, from where you can make out Cabrera.

Sunsets at Cap de Ses Salines

Cap de ses Salines is the southernmost point of Mallorca and the perfect place to watch sunsets in Mallorca. Or to start coastal walks to secluded beaches.

Cala Marmols - Caló des Marmóls

Cala Marmols

Cala Marmols is a secluded natural bay. While it gets busy at all the beaches in summer, you can swim here quite peacefully. However, you have to walk along the coast for at least an hour to reach it.

Es Caragol

Es Caragol is a larger and more accessible natural beach. To get here, you only have to walk along the coast for about 20 minutes. The beach is wide and the water shallow. Unfortunately, there are hardly any shady spots.

Mallorca Strand Es Caragol

Cala Figuera - Santanyi Mallorca mit Kindern

Cliff Hike to Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera is a beautiful fishing village that is worth a visit. We often walk along the cliff from Cala Santanyí. The tour is not particularly difficult, we have hiked it even with five-year-olds.

Nature Park Mondragó

The Natural Park of Mondragó offers an abundance of activities. There are several pristine, small beaches. Plus numerous hiking trails, along the shoreline or even slightly inland to almond orchards. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot tortoises and other native creatures.


Felsentor Es Pontas Mallorca

Cala Santanyí & Es Pontàs

Cala Santanyí is a popular resort and Es Pontàs is a rock formation that can be admired from land and water. The arch is beautiful at both sunrise and sunset. From the water, you can get there with SUP boards or a pedal boat.

Santanyí and a hidden Chapel

The small town of Santanyí is known for its weekly market and many beaches. Hardly anyone comes to the chapel just outside, because the road is broken, and you have to climb a small staircase. At the top you can swing in the monastery garden overlooking the sea or have a picnic in one of the many secluded spots.

Santuari de la Consolació

Castell de Santueri

Rock Castle Santueri

The Castell de Santueri is situated outside Felanitx. It is one of the three rock castles of Mallorca and is perched on a tiny mesa, There are opportunities to learn about the history of the area. The views are also not to be underestimated.

Sant Salvador Monastery

You can reach the Monastery of Sant Salvador either by car or by hiking along the old pilgrimage path. At the monastery, there are two picnic spots with barbecue grills. Inside the monastery there is a small hotel and a restaurant. A wonderful spot for sunsets.

Santuari de Sant Salvador

Der Strand von Cabrera

Cabrera Island

Cabrera Island is an archipelago that forms part of the largest marine protected area in Spain. Access to the island is highly regulated, with only a limited number of visitors allowed to make the crossing from Mallorca each day. Highlights of the island include pristine beaches where fish swim around your feet, playful lizards, a stunning blue cave, and a medieval castle.

Book your boat trip to the island here.

Caló des Moro

Caló des Moro is likely the most famous beach of Mallorca, gorgeous but consequently terribly crowded in summer. With kids, I would steer clear of the beach during high season, or go very early. Because later there is no space and little enjoyment for kids.

Better in summer: Book a boat tour to the beach.

Caló des Moro Mallorca

Cala s'Almunia

Cala s’Almunia

Just nearby lies Cala S’Almunia, with its boat garages carved into the rocks. The beach is rocky. You can also swim at the boat ramps. We enjoy coming here for snorkeling. But unfortunately it is also far too crowded here in the summer.

Better in summer: Book a boat tour to the beach.

Things to do in the East of Mallorca

The craggy east coast of Mallorca is characterized by a multitude of fjord-like coves. One splendid sandy beach follows the other. But there are even more guest beds than beaches in this area. One resort follows the other. Similar efforts were made for the Serra de la Península de Llevant, where the tourist development, however, failed due to a lack of water reserves.

Dolphin Watching

If you want to view dolphins, the East Coast has a plethora of dolphin populations and boat operators that will bring you to them. To have the best chance of seeing the dolphins, it is recommended that you take a boat tour in the early morning, as this is when the dolphins are most active.

Find the best dolphin tours on Mallorca here.

The Dragon Caves

The Coves de Drach in Porto Cristo are the most famous caves in Mallorca and the only ones with an underground lake that you can cross by boat.

Get your entrance ticket to the caves here.

Drachenhöhlen auf Mallorca: Cuevas del Drach

Dinosaurland: Der Dinopark auf Mallorca

Dinos & Caves

In addition to the Caves of Drach, Porto Cristo is home to the Cuevas del Hams. As an added bonus, Mallorca’s only dinosaur park is located on the same property. You can choose to visit the cave system and park separately, or purchase a discounted package that includes both attractions.

Get the discounted entrance here.

Castell de Punta de n’Amer

The Punta de n’Amer peninsula is situated between Cala Millor and Sa Coma, and can be explored by foot, bicycle, horseback, and with stroller.

Castell de Punta d'Amer

Die Höhlen von Arta: Blick aufs Meer

Caves of Artà

The Coves d’Artà is the only cave by the sea that is open to the public. It features a striking stone staircase that was constructed for Queen Isabel. Inside, you will find diverse and awe-inspiring rock formations, one of which is believed to be of the prophetess Nurredunna, who died of a broken heart.

Cycling between Artà and Manacor

Mallorca doesn’t have many cycling trails that are suitable for children, but the Greenway between Artà and Manacor is a great option. The route is relatively flat and car-free; the section between Artà and Son Servera is particularly delightful, as it takes you through a former train tunnel..

Radfahren mit Kindern auf Mallorca

Burg Capdepera

The Castle of Capdepera

The imposing Castell de Capdepera looms over the town of the same name and provides magnificent views all the way to the sea. Every May, the castle hosts a traditional medieval market featuring sword fights, workshops, and tasty food.

Fairytale Museum

On the first floor of this ordinary village house is a small shop, but the upper floor is inhabited by papier-mâché figures of Mallorcan folklore characters. You can obtain information about their stories in several languages.

Märchenmuseum in Arta - ArtArtà - Mallorca für Kinder

Cala Torta

Cala Torta

Cala Torta is a stunning natural beach in the east, perfect for swimming and as the starting point for many coastal hikes.

Cala Agulla

Cala Agulla beach is a marvelous spot for swimming, boasting crystal-clear blue waters. Horseback riding excursions are available in the area, or you can take a hike to the Torre Jaumell watchtower, which overlooks the beach.

Nekropole Son Real

Necropolis Son Real

Son Real is a public estate that comprises a museum, information office, and several hiking trails, one of which leads to the beach where the necropolis is located.

Nature Park Albufera

The Parque Natural d’Albufera is the most important wetland in Mallorca and is home to an abundance of wildlife, particularly birds. The park has four designated trails, some of which are suitable for cycling.

Radfahren im Naturpark Albufera auf Mallorca

Muro Beach

Playa de Muro is the longest sandy beach in the east, making it ideal for families with small children. Various services and land/sea excursions are available.

Kinderfreundlicher Strand: Playa de Muro

Wasserpark Mallorca

Hidro Park Alcúdia

Hidro Park Alcúdia is the least expansive water park in Mallorca and the only one in the eastern part of the island.

Get your entrance tickets here.

Hiking in Alcúdia

The Victoria Peninsula in the vicinity of Alcúdia is a paradise for hikers. There are various trails that start at the hermitage of the same name. One of these is a short one that takes you to a weir on the edge of a cliff. A slightly longer route leads to the Talaia d’Alcúdia, the highest point, where you can continue on to the gorgeous Coll Baix beach.

Die Kanone auf dem Berg

Strand S'Illot Halbinsel Victoria Alcudia

Kajak Tours to hidden Caves

Our favorite beach on the peninsula is S’Illot, with the small island offshore. Nearby starts an exciting excursion in a kayak that will take you to a sea cave through which you can swim.

Book the kayak adventure here.

Smugglers and Pirates Cave

Cova Tancada, an unexplored cave by the sea which was once used by pirates and smugglers, is located on the opposite side of the peninsula. The journey to the cave is relatively short, but the last part is quite steep. Since there is no light inside the cave, make sure to bring good flashlights.

Es Caló bei Betlem

Ermita de Betlem

Betlem is a former fishing village and very quiet. From the village you can explore the Ermita de Betlem in the mountains or secluded beaches like Na Clara and Es Caló.

Read more

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