Discover the 14 Best Hidden Beaches on Mallorca’s North Coast!

Escape the crowds and explore Mallorca’s North Coast! Here you’ll find some of the best hidden beaches, many of which are secluded, without sand, and perfect for snorkeling – even in the summer months. Whether you’re looking for a quiet, romantic spot or an adventure-filled day at the beach, Mallorca’s North Coast has something for everyone. So come, explore and discover the beauty of the Mediterranean!

Best hidden beaches on Mallorca's North Coast

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If you venture to the north of Mallorca, you will find a wealth of spectacular coves and beaches to explore. While the rugged terrain may not be known for its beaches, there are plenty of stunning spots worth visiting. This article will introduce you to the 13 best coves and beaches located on the northern coast of Mallorca, from Cap de Formentor down to the northeastern corner of the island. Discover the beauty of the Mediterranean and explore the hidden gems of Mallorca’s North Coast!

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Best Beaches at the North Coast of Mallorca

Cala Tuent

The beach of the secluded Cala Tuent is hidden amidst the towering peaks of the Tramuntana Mountains, behind the Puig Major, the island’s highest peak, which looms over the bay. To the west, stretches unspoiled nature until eventually reaching the Port de Sóller harbor, accessible either by foot or by sea. East of the bay lies the fishing village of Sa Calobra and the impressive Torrent de Pareis canyon.

Cala Tuent

The most common access, however, is via the winding road to Sa Calobra. The short detour to Cala Tuent is often overlooked, despite the beach being a rewarding destination, especially for a swim stop after visiting the main attractions. Cala Tuent is larger than Sa Calobra beach and provides more space for play, particularly for families with children. The clear water, lined with gravel and pebbles, makes swimming safer than in the gorge, although there are no lifeguards present.

Parking options are limited and chargeable, so it’s advisable to arrive early. There are no amenities or water sports activities at the beach, although there is a small seaside bar, and the restaurant Es Vergeret offers spectacular views from its terrace.

Cala Castell

We continue our journey to the best beaches of Mallorca’s north coast in the far north, just outside Pollença, at a beach that is no longer accessible. Cala Castell is situated close to the ruins of the castle Castell del Rei, the King’s Castle. The ruins are so isolated that the Bearded Vulture (Voltor Negre), an endangered species, nests there.

Castell del Rei in Pollença

The castle sits on private property. With prior notification and accompaniment of a ranger, it is possible to go to a viewpoint from which Cala Castell beach can be seen. Entry to the beach is not permitted. Although it is unfortunate that we can no longer visit this amazing beach and the charming castle ruins – conservation of species is more important.

Cala Figuera de Formentor

This tiny, crystal clear Cala Figuera Beach is located close to the Formentor lighthouse. The beach is composed of small pebbles. Swimming shoes are a good thing to take with you, if you’re a little delicate. The rocky bottom is particularly suitable for snorkeling in summer.

Cala Figuera de Formentor - Beach in Mallorca North

When the gusty winds converge on the northern coast during winter, swimming in the small bay is not possible. However, it is a wonderful spot for a short excursion and a picnic. Even more so, if you like solitude. Because in winter, Cala Figuera becomes the loneliest place on the island.

Platja de Formentor

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A remarkable exception to the generally rough northcoast of Mallorca is the sandy Platja de Formentor beach. It stretches in a crescent shape for a kilometer between the towering mountains, thus providing a sheltered and secluded area.

Playja de Formentor

The fine sandy shoreline, lack of waves, and shallow entry into the sea make this beach perfect for families. Tourist services and parking are available, but at a cost. Also, during the day in the summer, the access by car is restricted, but there is a shuttle bus from Port de Pollença.

Cala Sant Vicenç

Cala Sant Vicente is a holiday destination in the north of Mallorca, near Pollença. It boasts three bays that are perfect for families. Water sports are also very popular, such as kayaking and snorkeling. The bays are characterized by crystal clear, turquoise water and fine sand.

Cala Sant Vicente

Cala Sant Vicente also offers other activities, such as hiking along the coast. There are multiple trails where one can explore the stunning landscape of the region and historic sites. These include the Alzinet caves, which were utilized in prehistoric times as dwellings and burial grounds.

Cala Bóquer

The Cala Bóquer near Pollença is a stunning, petite bay with one beach, made up of various rock formations and round stones. Swimming shoes are not absolutely necessary, but make the bathing experience more enjoyable. The bay is ideal for brief swimming respites.

The journey to Cala Bóquer is also adventurous due to the hike. It takes you through a spectacular valley where the ancient prehistoric settlement Bocchoris is situated. You will come across many goats rummaging through backpacks for food along the trail and on the beach.

S’Illot on the Victoria Peninsula

Behind Alcúdia lies the Victoria Peninsula and the small, rocky bay of S’Illot. It gets its name from a small island off the beach that can be accessed by foot from the shore. The beach is quite rocky, so it’s important to bring swim shoes, so your kids can explore and relax both on the beach and the island. This area is an amazing natural playground.

S'Illot Beach on La Victoria Peninsula, Alcúdia

You’ll find plenty of picnic benches in a fenced area around the beach, shaded by pine trees. On the other side of the street is the youth hostel and camping site, La Victoria. Right on the beach there is a small car park and a bar with views of the Formentor Peninsula.

Coll Baix Beach

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Further down the Victoria Peninsula, about 12 kilometers from Alcúdia, lies the natural beach of Coll Baix. Accessible via a dirt road, there is a parking, from which it takes about 20 minutes to reach the beach via a rocky descent. The path is not the easiest to walk, so you should definitely have good balance and wear sturdy shoes.

Coll Baix Beach North Coast Mallorca

Despite the remoteness, you might not be alone at the beach. There are always some pesky goats around looking for something to eat in your pockets. Make sure to keep an eye on your picnic!

If you want to take a dip at Coll Baix, you should be cautious as the currents can be tricky in this part of the north coast. The sand st the beach is coarse and dark, while the water is clear and deep. This beach looks especially amazing from the seaside. Those who don’t fancy the strenuous descent can anchor with a boat. You can book your boat trip here.

Platja de Muro

With a length of over five kilometers, Platja de Muro is the longest stretch of beach in northern Mallorca. There are ample parking options close to the beach, making it the ideal spot for a family day at the beach. Platja de Muro is one of the seven beaches we recommend especially for families.

Playa de Muro Beach North Coast Mallorca

Platja de Muro is divided into four sections. The northernmost area is known for its vast tourist offerings and leisure activities, making it very popular during the summer months. It is more peaceful from sector three, where there are still lifeguards, but nothing else as this is where the Nature Park of Albufera nature reserve begins. Except for sector three, at regular intervals along the entire length of Platja de Muro there are numerous restaurants and bars close to the beach.

Despite the gentle entry into the sea and the overall child-friendliness of the entire area, you should take extra care when in the water as there may be treacherous undercurrents. Make sure to pay attention to the instructions of the lifeguards!

Beaches in the Northeast of Mallorca

Cala Na Clara

On the eastern peninsula close to Artà lies the small fishing village of Betlem. Just outside the village you’ll find, what we think is, the most stunning natural beach in Mallorca – Cala Na Clara, named after the crystal clear water in the bay.

Beach Cala na Clara Mallorca

It’s approximately ten minutes from Betlem to the beach. The terrain is steep and rocky, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear if you’re bringing kids. Additionally, you should pack bathing shoes for swimming. The beach is made up of large, round stones. After the swell line in the water, it becomes sandy, and then very shallow at a sandbank. All in all, it’s a unique beach.

Cala Torta in Artà

A few years back, Cala Torta was still a well-kept secret. It was a popular spot for locals and only a few tourists. Those days are gone. It can get quite crowded on weekends, but it’s still quieter than the nearby resorts.

Cala Torta Beach Mallorca

Getting to Cala Torta can be quite challenging. The last part is almost impossible for cars, so it’s better to park at the roadside and finish the trip on foot. The beach is great for snorkelers and nature enthusiasts alike. If it’s too cold for swimming, it’s a nice spot for hiking. Please be careful when entering the water, as it can get deep quickly and there are strong currents. Until a few years ago, there was a popular beach bar at the wide sandy beach, but it has since closed and been demolished. There are no other convenience or dining options at the beach.

Cala Agulla

Right next to Cala Ratjada is the stunningly beautiful sandy beach of Capdepera. Located in the middle of a nature reserve, Cala Agulla is both scenic and protected. It offers plenty of tourist amenities such as restaurants and bars nearby, sun umbrellas, sunbeds, and natural shady spots in a small pine forest.

Cala Agulla Beach

From Cala Agulla, you can go for walks in the countryside. Hiking and horseback riding excursions are also available. There is a large parking at the beach. The parking area is also one of the few legal campsites on Mallorca.


Canyamel is mainly known for the spectacular caves, located just above the beach. It’s a touristy spot but quite spacious, so there’s no feeling of overcrowding. As a holiday destination, Canyamel offers a wide variety of tourist activities, which earned it a spot on our list of seven most family-friendly beaches in Mallorca.

Canyamel Beach

At the beach, you’ll find showers, toilets, lifeguards, sunbeds, and umbrellas. There are plenty of beach restaurants and other eateries in the side streets for refreshment. If you want a more peaceful spot, head to the pine forest in the southern part of the beach. Those arriving by car can find free parking spaces in the side streets. You can also get to the beach by bus from Artà, Cala Ratjada, and Pollença.

Costa de los Pinos

The Pine Coast, otherwise known as Costa de los Pinos, is a popular tourist destination due to its long beach and lush vegetation of Mediterranean pines (Pinos). Services offered are limited to a beach bar, lifeguards, and sun lounger rental.

Costa de los Pinos Beach

For those prefer, there are natural shady spots amongst the trees. In some areas, away from the beach, the pines reach into the sea. As one heads towards the small marina, it becomes more peaceful and rocky, making it an ideal location for snorkeling in Mallorca.

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