Market Days on Mallorca: Discover the authentic Life of the Island

There’s hardly a more authentic experience than visiting a town on one of the many market days on Mallorca. From the bustling Mercat de l’Olivar in Palma to the charming weekly market in Sineu, there’s something for every taste. These markets are where locals gather, and the true Mallorcan life unfolds. Every day, somewhere in Mallorca, a market takes place. We’ll take you along and show you the most beautiful market in Mallorca for each day of the week. And for those without their own car, I’ll also show you the most beautiful organized tours to the markets in Mallorca.

weekly markets and market days in mallorca

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In every town, no matter how small, a market takes place at least once a week. Even if it consists of just two stalls. Fruits, vegetables, and aprons. Accordingly, there’s not a single day of the week when a market doesn’t take place somewhere in Mallorca. Here’s a selection of the most interesting markets in Mallorca. From past to present, the markets in Mallorca have been the heart of every community and the place where everyone comes together. Tourists and locals alike, as well as farmers and nobles in medieval times.

Market Days on Mallorca: From Tradition to Tourist Attraction

Some of the markets in Mallorca have existed since medieval times. Such a level of tradition is rarely found. Although many places have also adapted to tourists, you’ll still find typical Mallorcan products at all the markets. However, some of the markets in Mallorca have evolved into real tourist attractions.

This is particularly evident at the market in Santanyí, which is flooded with visitors during the summer. We ourselves live in Santanyí and know from conversations with neighbors and friends that hardly any locals go out on market days because the town is too crowded.

market days on mallorca

That’s quite unfortunate. On one hand, it’s understandable that tourists want to experience authentic Mallorca. But how much of it remains when the locals no longer participate?

Here are a few tips for experiencing more of the Mallorcan atmosphere rather than the touristy market feel:

  • Visit the market off-season: There may be fewer stalls, but you’ll find more authenticity.
  • Explore smaller markets: The smaller the town, the smaller the market. There, you’ll find local products rather than tourist trinkets.
  • Venture to inland towns: Agricultural towns in the island’s interior are less overrun by tourists.

A selection of the most beautiful markets in Mallorca

The most beautiful markets in Mallorca are often the most visited. Therefore, here are some tips in advance to ensure that your visit to a weekly market anywhere on the island is a complete success.

  • Arrive early: Most markets are already set up by 8 a.m. This is when the locals head out. By around 10 a.m., especially in the summer, it gets extremely crowded.
  • Bring cash: Most vendors are well digitized, and card payments are widely accepted. However, the one handicrafts stand where you’d like to buy a souvenir might not have card payment facilities. That would be a shame.
  • Buy local: Dare to try the local specialties. There are often small samples available. Avoid pseudo-branded items.
  • Take your time and take breaks: Not only is shopping at a market in Mallorca an experience, but so is observing the hustle and bustle around you.
  • No haggling: While it’s almost always recommended elsewhere, it’s not well-received locally. The mentality is different on the Spanish mainland. The fact is: Mallorcans don’t haggle. And even attempting it will earn you negative points.

Guided Tours to Markets in Mallorca

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Mercat del Olivar: One of the Markets in Palma

In the various neighborhoods of the island’s capital, there are daily changing markets. Much more impressive than the wandering markets in the open air, however, are the market halls of the city. Especially the Mercat de l’Olivar, Palma’s busiest market.

It is open Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and offers all kinds of food for sale. Both locals and tourists shop here.

Sightseeing: Check out my tips to discover Palma de Mallorca with kids.

You can also find the following markets in Palma:

  • Mercat de Pere Garau: A daily market from Monday to Saturday.
  • Mercat de Santa Catalina: Market hall, open Monday to Saturday.
  • Mercat Artesanal Hort del Rei: An arts and crafts market held on various days from Easter to October, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., below the cathedral.
  • Craft Market at Plaça Major: During Christmas and in the evenings during the summer months.

Market Day in Artà

Also very popular is the market in Artà, which takes place every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The stalls stretch along the pedestrian zone up to the central town square and extend into some side streets.

market in Artà

You’ll find here arts and crafts as well as plants and clothing. Groceries, vegetables, fish, meat, and olives are offered at the stalls in the covered part of the market.

Market of Inca

Transfer: Even without your own car, you can visit the market in Inca with this organized transfer.

Inca, alongside Palma, is an important trading center in Mallorca. The market in Inca takes place every Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The stalls stretch across almost the entire city center area. You can find everything here.

market in Inca

Inca is particularly renowned for its leather goods. As a result, the market offers plenty of space for clothing, shoes, and accessories made of leather. However, you can also find groceries, household items, and clothing.

Sa Pobla & Binissalem

The real Mallorca: During this day trip, you can explore two authentic locations in the island’s interior, enjoy a typical lunch, and experience the bustling market atmosphere. More information.

On Fridays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., the market takes place in Binissalem and Sa Pobla. It’s quite extensive and lined with many bars and restaurants. Here, you’ll find a wide range of products: groceries, handicrafts, and everyday items. Even clothing can be purchased at this market.

Market Day in Santanyí

In Santanyí, the market takes place twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday, with stalls set up throughout the downtown area between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. The market is highly popular among locals and tourists alike.

weekly market in Santanyi

The range of goods covers the entire spectrum. Around the central village square, between the church and town hall, you’ll mainly find food and delicacies, while in the side streets, there’s a variety of handicrafts and clothing on offer.

Market in Santa Maria del Camí

One of the most popular weekend markets takes place in Santa Maria del Camí. The stalls are located in the central town square. Right next door, you’ll find a playground. What makes this market special is the organic market, where products from organic farming are offered.

Flea Market in Consell

Flea Market in Consell

Just a few minutes’ drive from Santa Maria and also on Sundays, the most popular flea market in Mallorca takes place in the industrial area of Consell. Here, both businesses and individuals offer many curiosities and antiques. Refreshments are also available to satisfy your hunger.

The Most Beautiful Market on Mallorca for Each Day of the Week

There truly isn’t a day on Mallorca without a market happening somewhere. Some are small, with just a few fruit and vegetable stands, perhaps some flowers. Others are larger and more famous. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the most beautiful markets. So here’s a selection of seven markets, one for each day of the week. A slightly different island tour.

The Most Beautiful Market on Mallorca on Monday

Caimari may not be the first choice for market visitors, but for that very reason, visiting the weekly market in this small, picturesque village at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains is worth it. The region is particularly known for olive cultivation. One of the most important olive mills can still be visited today. Once a year, a special market with an olive festival is held for this reason.

best market on mallorca on monday

The rest of the year, the stalls are set up in the medieval streets around the village square every Monday. Afterwards, you can combine the little excursion with a visit to the Lluc Monastery. Or you can take a stroll through the agricultural hinterland. Especially during the almond blossom season on Mallorca, the fields around Caimari are a true delight.

More Markets on Monday: Calvià, Lloret de Vistalegre, Manacor, Montuïri.

The most beautiful market in Mallorca on Tuesday

For Tuesday, I recommend the market in Alcúdia. Although it also takes place on Sundays, it’s much busier on weekends. And especially in a tourist-popular town, it gets even busier than usual.

Market in Alcúdia
market day in alcudia

The market in Alcúdia takes place within the old city walls in the medieval center. The main venue is Plaça Carles V around the Porta Moll city gate. Especially in summer, the market extends to the outskirts. Parking is available for free at many locations outside the city walls. For dining, the eateries on Plaça de la Constitució are the most lively. Also worth a visit is a stroll along the old city walls. And if you’re with kids, consider a small puzzle tour as part of a scavenger hunt through the old town.

More markets on Tuesday: Artà, Campanet, Porreres, Santa Margalida.

The most beautiful market in Mallorca on Wednesday

Choosing the best market for Wednesday isn’t so easy, as it’s likely that the market in Sineu should be mentioned here, as I already mentioned earlier. It’s the most authentic market in Mallorca. If you truly want to visit the most beautiful market in Mallorca on Wednesday, then it should be this one. You can make your visit even more varied by completing our treasure hunt through Sineu.

Unless, of course, you’re bothered by crowds and confined animals. Because you won’t be able to avoid either on Wednesdays in Sineu. The market is frequented not only by private individuals but also by tour buses bringing tourists. As with all other markets: arriving early is worthwhile.

market in sineu

Sineu’s weekly market is the oldest market in Mallorca. It was specifically established by the then king, who had his second residence in Sineu and wanted to establish the town as the economic center of the island. It’s no wonder that the residents of Sineu consider their town the center of Mallorca, or even the world.

The market in Sineu takes place every Wednesday between 8 am and 2 pm and is the only market in Mallorca where you can still see a traditional livestock market.

More Markets on Wednesday: Andratx, Capdepera, Deià, Felanitx, Petra, Port de Pollença, Santanyí, Selva, Sencelles, Vilafranca de Bonany, Colònia de Sant Jordi.

Most Beautiful Market in Mallorca on Thursday

Inca is an industrial town and culturally doesn’t offer much besides a few churches. That’s why the city isn’t overrun by tourists. The market in Inca still attracts mainly locals. The offerings are similar to those at other markets.

market in inca

A special market takes place every year in November on what’s called Dijous Bo, or Good Thursday. During this time, the market also attracts visitors from other parts of the island who want to attend Mallorca’s largest autumn festival.

More markets on Thursday: Ariany, Campos, S´Arenal, Consell, Pòrtol, Sant Llorenç de Cardassar, Ses Salines, Sant Joan, Lloseta.

Most Beautiful Market in Mallorca on Friday

The market in Son Servera is a popular meeting point for locals and tourists alike. Due to its easy accessibility from the holiday areas of Sa Coma, Cala Millor, and S’Illot by public bus, the market is easily reachable. Additionally, Son Servera offers an ideal environment for cycling, especially on the Green Way from Artà.

market in son servera

The main attraction in Son Servera is the Esglesià Nova, an imposing church that was never completed but is worth a visit nonetheless. On the town square, you will also find numerous charming bars and restaurants where you can relax after strolling through the market and enjoy the Mallorcan cuisine. Another highlight is the Almond Blossom Festival in Son Servera, which takes place every February during the almond blossom season in Mallorca and delights visitors with its colorful festivities.

More markets on Friday: Algaida, Binissalem, Can Picafort, Llucmajor, María de la Salut, Pont d’Inca, Sa Cabaneta.

Most Beautiful Market in Mallorca on Saturday

The market in Alaró takes place every Saturday and offers a variety of regional products and handmade goods. The small town is nestled in the picturesque inland area and has preserved its original charm.

market in Alaró

After visiting the market, you can stop by the cozy restaurants and cafes to enjoy the local cuisine. Or you can take a trip to the ruins of Castell d’Alaró, from where you’ll have a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Alaró is also an ideal starting point for hikes, most of which are challenging, but there is also a child-friendly, shorter option.

More markets on Saturad: Búger, Bunyola, Cala Rajada, Campos, Costitx, Esporles (erster Samstag im Monat), Palma, Santanyí, Sóller, Santa Eugènia und Santa Margalida.

Most Beautiful Market in Mallorca on Sunday.

The market in Pollença takes place every Sunday. The town has a long trading tradition, and although Pollença is now heavily influenced by tourism, many locals also enjoy visiting the weekly market. The market is held in the central square, Plaça Major, right next to the impressive parish church and under the shade of the plane trees.

market in pollença

After visiting the market, you should definitely climb the Calvary Hill. The 365 steps might be a bit strenuous, but the view that awaits you at the top is worth the effort. If you’re traveling with children, I recommend our scavenger hunt through Pollença, where you can make the journey more diverse with exciting stories.

More markets on Sunday: Alcúdia, Flohmarkt in Consell, Felanitx, Llucmajor, Muro, Porto Cristo, Santa Maria del Camí, Valldemossa, Sa Pobla.

Seasonal Markets and Fairs

The so-called ferias, of which there are plenty in different municipalities on Mallorca every month, are fairs or markets with a festive atmosphere. The celebrations stem from traditions that are deeply rooted in the towns, some of which are of more recent origin.

What they all have in common is a unique atmosphere and character that showcases Mallorca’s cultural heritage, allowing both locals and visitors to partake in old customs and culinary specialties. The dates are approximate and may vary throughout the month.

  • January: Christmas and Three Kings Fair, Palma
  • February: Almond Blossom Festival, Son Servera; Naturesport Fair, Escorca, Lluc Monastery.
  • March: Pottery Fair, Marratxi; Fira Bona, Palmanyola; Sant Patrick’s Festival, Santa Ponça; Fira de Son Ferril, Palma; Ovine and Caprine Fair, Calvià.
  • April: Andratx Fair; San Francisco Fair, Muro; Nautical and Cuttlefish Fair, Alcúdia; Salt and Salting Fair, Colonia de Sant Jordi; Book Fair in Villafranca de Bonany.
  • May: Flower Festival in Costitx; Wine and Cheese Festival, Estellencs; Sa Fira and Es Firó, Pirate Festival in Sóller; Medieval Market in Capdepera; Sheep Shearing Festival in Es Llombards.
  • June: Spring Festival in Manacor, Potato Festival in Sa Pobla, Herb Festival in Selva, Apricot Festival in Porreres.
  • July: Night Maritime Fair, Portocolom.
  • August: Night Market and Tomato Festival, Maria de la Salut; Melon Festival in Muro.
  • September: Medieval Festival celebrating the Reconquest of Mallorca by King James, Santa Ponça; Wine Festival in Binissalem.
  • October: Tramontana Mountain Range Fair, Escorca; Theater Festival in Vilafranca de Bonany; Autumn Festival in Santanyí.
  • November: Beer Festival in Puigpunyent; Olive Festival in Caimari, Dijous Bo in Inca; Honey Festival in Llubí.
  • December: Christmas Markets in Palma, Christmas Markets in Mallorca.

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