The Solidary Cala Figuera Beach in the North of Mallorca

The unspoiled Cala Figuera Beach on the Formentor Peninsula is likely the most secluded spot in Mallorca during the winter. The rough cliffs face the sea, and winds blow from all directions. In the summer, it’s calmer on the seaside, but more people find their way to the bay. They come for snorkeling and to admire the impressive scenery between mountains and sea.

Cala Figuera Beach on the Cap de Formentor Peninsula

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Among the several locations named Cala Figuera in Mallorca, the beach called Cala Figuera in the north, located on the Formentor Peninsula, is likely the least known. Yet, it is a truly picturesque spot where you can enjoy snorkeling or have a picnic in good weather, and during cooler temperatures, you can admire the rugged nature around.

Don’t get confused: There’s the fishermen village of Cala Figuera in the southeast, and a small cove and peninsula in the west with the same name.

Why Visiting Cala Figuera Beach is Worthwhile

Located in the far north, Cala Figuera Beach is, in our eyes, one of the most beautiful natural beaches in Mallorca. The sea bay, forming a U shape into the land, is framed by tall mountains and steep cliffs. The water, provided the sea remains calm, is unbelievably blue and clear. In the background, you’ll find El Fumat, a 334-meter-high mountain, along with two other large rocks. It’s a unique, wild, and tranquil setting that can only be found in a few other places on the island.

Cala Figuera Beach

One small drawback, however, is that Cala Figuera Beach is not easily accessible. Even during the high season, when traffic jams are common on the road to Cap de Formentor, the bay remains mostly quiet. If you appreciate wild and untouched nature away from tourist crowds, Cala Figuera is the right place for you.

The bay is perfect for snorkeling. It’s one of our favorite spots for snorkeling in Mallorca. The rocky seabed is teeming with more fish compared to sandy beaches, where there are no hiding spots for them. The entry into the water is also rocky, so wearing swim shoes is a good idea, although the pebbles in Cala Figuera are relatively large and very smooth. If needed, you can manage without footwear, at least as long as sea urchins aren’t paying a visit.

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Cala Figuera de Formentor
Cala Figuera de Formentor

As expected, there is no tourist infrastructure at the approximately 50-meter-long Cala Figuera Beach. Like all natural beaches, you won’t find showers, bars, restaurants, or lifeguards here. Therefore, exercise caution, especially during rough sea conditions.

During your visit to Cala Figuera de Formentor, there are two things you should definitely explore. Firstly, there’s an old bunker located a bit away from the beach. It’s easy to reach and quite accessible. Exploring such micro-adventures is always a highlight, especially for children. Very small and slim individuals might not even need to climb; they can fit through the shooting shaft.

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Cala Figuera de Formentor

Another charming backdrop can be found on the left side of the bay. There, you’ll come across several (very slippery) boat ramps and an improvised shelter for boats covered with palm leaves. With the clear, blue sea in the background, you’ll have the opportunity to capture some fantastic photos in this spot.

Getting There and Parking at the Cala Figuera Beach

To get to Cala Figuera de Formentor Beach, there are two scenarios. The easier option is only feasible during the winter months, from November to April. At that time, you can drive closer to the beach with your own car.

Starting from Pollença, head towards Cap de Formentor. At kilometer 12 on this road, you’ll find a wide forest trail branching off to the left. In theory, you could drive this trail almost directly to the top of the beach. However, we didn’t want to subject our car to this somewhat rough path. It’s more convenient to walk the short distance of about 1.5 kilometers. The route has only a slight incline and is easy to walk.

Getting to the Cala Figuera Beach
Parking at the Cala Figuera Beach

A more adventurous, albeit shorter, route is to descend from the access road at the turnoff to Cala Murta. From there, it’s about a one-kilometer trek through unmarked, rocky terrain down to the beach. Sturdy shoes are necessary, and you might also consider wearing long clothing because the bushes are dense and low. Keep in mind that the path is not marked, so some navigational skills may come in handy.

Getting to Cala Figuera Beach with your own car during the summer months is not as straightforward. From June to September, the access to Cap de Formentor is restricted for cars between 10 AM and 10 PM. However, there’s a bus service available from Port de Pollença that stops at all significant points, including the entrances to Cala Figuera. This bus provides a convenient alternative for reaching the beach during those months.

Places of Interest Nearby

Cala Figuera Beach is part of the municipality of Pollença, which offers a plethora of both significant and charming attractions. Here’s a brief overview:

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On the Way to Cap de Formentor

In my article about Cap de Formentor, I mentioned that I find the lighthouse as a destination somewhat overrated. The narrow road, though intriguing, leads to the lighthouse, where besides the tower itself, you’ll find mostly water, expensive coffee, numerous people, and some goats.

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Viewpoint Es Colomer on the road of Cap de Formentor
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Pirate Watchtower Talaia d'Albercutx

The most beautiful viewpoints lie on the way to the lighthouse, starting with the Mirador Es Colomer. However, our favorite and far more stunning spot is the ancient pirate tower called Talaia d’Albercutx, which stands as part of the watchtowers in Mallorca, overlooking Pollença and the Platja de Formentor beach.

In and Around Pollença

Pollença is a charming, less crowded town that is well worth a stop. Not only does the historic center with its famous stairway leading to Calvary Hill invite leisurely strolls, but also the hike up Puig de Maria comes highly recommended and is doable even with young children.

The town is surrounded by several other beaches as well. Among them is the former fishing village of Cala Sant Vicente, where you can choose between three beaches or embark on a hike to an old ammunition tunnel in the mountains.

Cala Sant Vicente
Cala Boquer Hiking trail

And then there’s also Cala Boquer, another unspoiled cove, where the origins of Mallorca’s first settlement can be found. The prehistoric settlement of Bocchoris is the oldest of its kind on the entire island. The hike to Cala Boquer is manageable and suitable for families.

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