Palma de Mallorca with Kids & Toddlers

Palma de Mallorca is like Rome: All roads lead to the city, serving as a hub connecting all parts of the island. But what child is eager for sightseeing? Certainly not ours. Unless we turn the city tour into a game. And that’s exactly what we did. To ensure your trip to Palma de Mallorca with kids is a success, we’ll show you here how to balance your own interests with those of the children, ensuring that neither the main attractions nor the fun are compromised.

Discover Palma with kids

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Palma’s Old Town is full of treasures from Roman, Moorish, and medieval times, along with stories from these epochs. There are many things to see that usually only moderately interest children. We found this out when we wanted to explore the city with our own children. And because that was a bit dull, we developed sightseeing tours that lead through the city in the form of treasure hunts, making it playful. This way, your children and you will get to know Palma differently, through legends and fairy tales.

Interactive City Tour: Discover Palma’s historic city center through a scavenger hunt.

Palma with Kids: Sightseeing for the Little Ones

Let’s face it: Kids have different priorities than we adults do. The trick is to find a way to accommodate everyone’s interests. The following ideas are a great way to do that.

Scavenger Hunt for Kids: Explore Palma’s Historic Center

Palma Sightseeing Tour for Kids: Let your children work on riddles as you explore the most important landmarks of the old town. Learn more about the scavenger hunt here.

The best way to get to know Palma with kids is with our scavenger hunt. It will take you to the most significant attractions of Palma de Mallorca. Your kids will lead the way by searching for clues, answering questions, and using their creativity.

Palma with kids: Scavenger hunt in Palma de Mallorca.

In addition to a digital to follow route for the parents (just in case), your children will get a map they can use and customize the way they want. Alternatively, the scavenger hunt can be done right on your smartphone or tablet through an app. Interested? Read on here.

Palma: Aquarium Adventures with Kids

Discount: Currently the aquarium offers our readers a 17% discount with the code aquarium17. Get your tickets here.

Some people like fish and some don’t. Both groups can have fun at Palma Aquarium. Although it is quite obvious that there are plenty of fish to see, other things are not neglected. In the summer, the interior, the Mediterranean garden, is like a fair. Water balloon battles take place on the pirate ship, water fountains provide cooling, and the koi can be fed in the pond.

Palma with Kids: Visit the aquarium

No Car Needed: Get your package ticket with transfer and aquarium admission here.

Part of the aquarium is a foundation that advocates for the preservation of the ocean and, among other things, nurses injured sea turtles back to health. Often, individuals undergoing rehabilitation are placed in the aquarium’s outer tanks before being released back into the wild.

Quite new is the exhibition about whales and their songs, with many interactive elements and a 3-D cinema. Here you find an extensive article about the aquarium in Palma.

Water Park: Aqualand Arenal

Dive In: Discounted Online Tickets. Without a Rental Car: Tickets with Transfer and Admission.

The Aqualand water park in s’Arenal is only open from June to September, and it’s usually packed, since both locals and tourists like to splash. It is the largest water park in Mallorca and also very conveniently located just a little outside the city center. There are numerous slides and water games for all ages.

Palma with children: Water park el Arenal

Additional services such as sunbeds, lockers, and parking are not included in the admission fee. However, the city bus stops right at the entrance, and it is allowed to bring your own picnic. Especially during the summer holidays, you will meet many Mallorcan families with coolers who spend the whole day on the sides of the water basins.

But even without a car, you can reach the water park in Arenal from all other parts of the island. There are admission packages that include the transportation. Here you can find the different offers.

Hop On-Hop Off Bus Tour

24-Hour Ticket: Online Ticket for the Bus Tour.

There’s hardly anything that screams “I’m a tourist” more than the bright red double-decker bus. But honestly, it’s a great concept, especially with kids. What kid wouldn’t love riding in an open-top bus? You can reach all the interesting sights of the city with the tourist buses and get on and off whenever you like.

Bus Tour Palma de Mallorca

Some places, such as the Castell de Bellver, can only be reached by these buses and not by public transport. So if you have only limited time or rather unmotivated walkers, you should consider whether the bus is an option for you. Here you can get the online tickets.

The Top Attractions in Palma de Mallorca with Kids

If you followed our advice about the scavenger hunt at the start of this article, you are already familiar with the majority of the attractions in Palma that will be listed below. If not, you can get a sneak peek and lots of ideas on how to spend time in Palma with kids.

La Seu: Palma’s Sea Cathedral

Skip the Line: Get Priority Access to the Cathedral with an Online Ticket.

The city’s landmark is hard to miss. La Seu (Catalan for “the seat” – of the bishop) towers over Palma de Mallorca and can be easily spotted from all directions. As King Jaume I was crossing the Mediterranean Sea to liberate Mallorca from the Islamic rule, he encountered a terrible storm. Facing death, the King prayed to the Virgin Mary and promised her to build the largest church in the world if he ever reached and conquered Mallorca.

Palma for kids: cathedral la seu

The Cathedral of Light has many unique characteristics. The light that streams through the multicolored rose window in the east and dances through the rows is particularly stunning. The modern side altar looks like a busy picture, and the highlight is a visit to the roof terrace, available by reservation during summer.

Exploring the Regal Residences of Almudaina Palace

Admission € 9 without tour, children between 5 and 16 years € 4, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 17 to 20 free admission for EU citizens. Get your tickets here.

The King’s Palace, known as the Almudaina Palace, is situated next to the Cathedral of Palma. It serves as the King’s official residence when he is in Mallorca. However, the King rarely ever visits this palace for any official occasions. Instead, his residence and the residence of the royal family is located in the Summer Palace of Marivent, away from the city.

The King's Palace, known as the Almudaina Palace

The Almudaina Palace dates back to an Arab fortress, but was completely renovated in the 14th century, and now mainly features Gothic elements. Only some structures of the chapel inside have been preserved from earlier times. In the past, the Palacio de la Almudaina served as a residence for both Muslim and Christian rulers. Today, the seat of the military command is located here.

A special event takes place every last Saturday of the month. At 12 o’clock noon, the changing of the guard of the honor guard takes place in front of the Almudaina Palace. It is carried out by soldiers of the Infantería lígera Palma 47, who wear the uniforms of the Volunteer Corps from 1808.

Oasis of Tranquility: The Arabian Baths

Open daily 9am to 6pm, April to November until 7pm, admission €4, children free.

If there is one other sight in Palma de Mallorca besides the cathedral that I wouldn’t want to miss, it would be the Arabian Baths. Just off the tourist-filled area, they are almost hidden in a secluded alley. To be exact, there is only one bath, and it is the most important building of Arabian architecture on Mallorca.

The Arabian Baths Palma de Mallorca

Visiting the Arabian Baths can be easily included into any city walk, as a small break from the hustle and bustle. The small garden invites exploration and relaxation.

Spectacular View: Bellver Castle

In addition to the cathedral, Castle Bellver, the castle with a “beautiful view,” is likely the most recognizable attraction in Palma de Mallorca. Its circular structure around an inner courtyard makes Castell de Bellver one of a kind in Europe. For many years, the castle served as a prison. In the lowest levels of the biggest tower, the inscriptions of many prisoners can be found.

Bellver Castle Palma de Mallorca

Below the castle there is a colossal cave system that was mostly man-made, probably to store ammunition. It is also rumored that there was a secret tunnel connecting the castle to the Almudaina Palace and that Joana the witch, one of the most renowned characters of Mallorcan folklore, lived in one of the caves.

Visiting the castle with children is just as rewarding as taking a walk through the surrounding forest. There you can find some of the most beautiful playgrounds in the city and plenty of picnic spots.

Visiting Santa Catalina and the Mill Quarter

If you get away from the tourist hustle and bustle of the old town and take a stroll through the Santa Catalina district, you will reach Es Jonquet, the mill neighborhood, where the sailors used to live.

Santa Catalina in Palma de Mallorca

As if in a deep sleep, the houses with their low roofs and small entrances sit there. Some mills have been restored, while others are very run down. Santa Catalina is also home to one of the most beautiful market halls in the city, as well as many charming bars and restaurants.

La Llotja

Open Tuesday to Sunday, 10.30 to 13.30 and 17.30 to 23:00, admission free.

The former maritime exchange is well worth a stop. The grand hall, which was once used to exchange the goods that came in with the ships, can be viewed without charge.

In front of it there is a large square, where the children can play with the pigeons, while the parents relax with a coffee on one of the restaurant terraces.

The Oldest Shops in Palma Old Town

Main Article in German: The Oldest Shops of Palma de Mallorca

The oldest stores in Palma are beloved by photographers, but actually fighting for their survival. Over 800 iconic businesses have had to close in the city center in recent years. Their traditional craftsmanship is an important part of the city’s charm. But these stores cannot rely solely on photos for their livelihood.

That’s why we have made it our mission to promote these old stores. This includes the city’s oldest toy store, a baker from the Middle Ages, a delicatessen shop where Grace Kelly used to shop, and a café that was the first to make ice cream from the snow of the Tramuntana Mountains. You can read more about it in this article.

Palma for Kids: Nice Beaches in Palma

When talking about beaches in Palma de Mallorca, especially German tourists often think of mass tourism and passed out party-goers. Those things do exist, but there is much more. There are a lot of alternative bathing options that I would like to briefly introduce to you here.

Molinar & Ciutat Jardi

These two chic suburbs of Palma are a good option to spend a beach day close to the city. It is not as touristy as further south, but the service you find is quite extensive.

The beaches themselves are not necessarily the most beautiful on the island, at least in my opinion, but in the evening hours the atmosphere is unique. In summer, the city people from the city visit those beaches and end the day in the restaurants and bars close by, while their children play on the beach.

S’Arenal & Can Pastilla

To be exact, only part of S’Arenal belongs to Palma, while the other half is part of Llucmajor. However, this is just a technicality, and you won’t notice any difference when you’re there. The beaches all flow into each other. During the winter, the resort is almost empty.

Beaches in Palma for Kids

Come summer, the resort really comes alive. Party tourism isn’t the most important feature, though. Mostly, it’s retirees and families who come to Arenal on package holidays. There is plenty to do for tourists and the EMT city lines make it easy to get to the city.

7 Hidden Beaches in the Bahia de Palma

Main article in German7 hidden bays in Palma

In addition to the large and touristy beaches, there are also a variety of small hidden bays in and around Palma de Mallorca that only a few tourists know about. They are all easily accessible by public transportation.

Hidden beaches in Palma de Mallorca

If you would like to get to know this quieter side of Palma, you can read the article mentioned above. For now, it’s only available in German. Until we have it translated, you can use the online options of your browser to translate it.

Cycling in Palma de Mallorca with Kids

Main Article in German: The Coastal bike Trail in Palma

Although the roads in Palma de Mallorca can be congested and chaotic, cycling is still possible – even with children. The best route for a family bike ride is the coastal cycle path, which stretches from s’Arenal to the historic center.

Cycling in Palma de Mallorca: The Coastal Bike Trail

Not all stretches of the route are equally suitable for kids. However, the stretch from Es Carnatge, the last undeveloped coastal section of the city, can be safely navigated even by very young children.

Rent a balance bike or a stroller: Get 10% off with the code mallorca4kids. (Appliable under “Special notes”)

Markets in Palma de Mallorca

On Mallorca, there is a weekly market somewhere every day. As the capital city of the island, Palma is no exception. You can find the chance to experience genuine market activity at various spots here every day. Here’s a list of the best markets on Mallorca.

Mercat del Olivar

Open Monday to Friday, 7am – 2:30pm, Fridays partially until 8pm, Saturday 7am – 3pm,

The traditional market hall at Plaça Rosello, close to Plaça Espanya, is home to the biggest market in Palma de Mallorca. Here you will mainly find local products, fruit, vegetables, and Mallorcan meat specialties.

In separate halls, you’ll find the fish market with the biggest selection of seafood, and the delicatessen area selling gourmet products from all over the world.

Mercat de Santa Catalina

Open Monday to Saturday 7am – 5pm,

Santa Catalina used to be the home of sailors and fishermen. Nowadays, it has become a trendy neighborhood with lots of charm. The market halls are part of this, nestled amongst bars and restaurants in the liveliest part of the district.

Although the market is smaller than the Mercat del Olivar, the atmosphere here is distinct, with a more international vibe. This is reflected in the goods available, with everything that both professional and amateur cooks could wish for.

Market Hall Pere Garau

The third market hall is definitely a different experience. Here, you can take advantage of great deals and discounts that are made available directly from the producer to the consumer every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. In addition to fresh produce, you can also find household items, everyday clothing, and other odds and ends.

Art & Crafts Market

Every Saturday from 10am to 2pm, there is an Art & Crafts Market on Plaça Major. In the summer months, stalls are set up beneath the cathedral on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. The weekly flea market takes place all year round at Son Fusteret industrial area, every Saturday from 10am to 1pm. The city line 33 departs from Plaça Espanya every ten to twenty minutes to Son Fuster.

Eating & Drinking in Palma de Mallorca with Kids

We won’t go into too much detail about the wide variety of restaurants and bars in Palma de Mallorca, but here are our three top picks for families with kids.

Ca’n Joan De S’Aigo

Open daily 8am-9pm, Carrer de Can Sanç, 10, Palma

This café in Palma’s old town, near the Arab Baths, is even older than Retro. It’s decorated in Baroque style and offers all kinds of Mallorcan desserts.

In addition to the obligatory ensaïmada or the typical almond cake, you get handmade ice cream in summer and hot chocolate in winter.

Mercado Gastronomico San Juan

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 12.30pm-midnight, Carrer de l’Emperadriu Eugènia, 6, Palma,

Are your kids not getting tired of burgers and pasta every day, but you’re looking for something else? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In the halls of the former slaughterhouse, you’ll find almost 20 stands offering a variety of different dishes. It’s like a weekly market, only with cooked, high-quality meals.

You can choose from typical tapas, grilled dishes, seafood, burgers and Asian dishes. Everyone can order what they like. And then everyone can eat together. It couldn’t be easier!

Eating vegan in Palma

Mallorcan cuisine is traditionally quite meat-heavy. While it’s not impossible, it can be difficult to find vegetarian or vegan dishes in rural areas. It’s a different story in the island’s capital, however. Thanks to its international atmosphere and a diverse mix of ethnicities and ages, there are now plenty of options for vegan dining.

Museum & Culture in Palma with Kids

Palma has numerous museums and cultural institutions, as do many major cities. We will tell you which of these are worth visiting with children.

The San Carlos Military Museum and Castle

Even if you aren’t a fan of weapons and military actions, I suggest you visit the Military Museum. It is located a bit outside the city, but is easily accessible by car or bus (line 1).

The extensive collection is housed in a former fortification with great views of the harbor and city, and the visit is free.

The Fortress Es Baluard

Translated, Es Baluard means the rampart. It used to serve to shield Palma de Mallorca from intruders. After that, it fell into disrepair for many years, until the city decided to house a museum for modern art in it. The exhibition is – as with actually all – a matter of taste. My boys found it quite funny, I rather quirky.

There are many interactive elements, where even children can lend a hand. Absolutely great, however, is the visit to the battlements, from which there is once a clear view of the cathedral, the city, the Castell Bellver and the harbor.

Christmas in Palma de Mallorca

Christmas in Palma and the rest of Mallorca is very different from what I was used to at home, but it is also very special. There are many peculiarities and traditions that allow you to get to know the islanders better.

The celebrations begin at the end of November when the city’s Christmas lights are switched on and last until January 6th when the Three Kings give gifts to children. There is an extensive article with traditions and all Christmas markets, but it’s only available in German so far. If you don’t want to wait until it’s translated, click through here.

Read more

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