Sa Foradada: Easy Hike & Best Paella

This short hike to the spectacular Sa Foradada rock formation on Mallorca’s northwest coast near Deià offers a great combination of nature, beauty, mountains, water, and a glimpse into Mallorcan history and culture. Also, the spot is the place to see spectacular sunsets at the Mirador Sa Foradada.

Sa Foradada

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At the Sa Foradada rock, you can take a summer dip in the bay and savor the island’s best paella. End your tour with a memorable sunset from one of the island’s most stunning lookouts, suitable for all ages. Just be aware that the return trip includes a long uphill climb.

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Sa Foradada: Empress Sissi and Austria’s Archduke

Sa Foradada, which means ‘the pierced one’ in Mallorcan, is a spectacular estate that stretches from the parking in front of the Son Marroig manor house to the distinctive rock. It was formerly owned by Archduke Luis Salvator, who is known as the Arxiduc on Mallorca. He is highly respected among the locals as one of the few foreigners. Further down, you’ll find out why.

Sa Foradada Hike

Here’s just a bit of information: The pier next to the hole rock, our destination on this hike, was once visited by Empress Sissi, who paid multiple visits to her cousin’s estate. Sa Foradada was her port, though we don’t know if she took the same route as we do today. To help you find your way, we’ve included a detailed description. At the end, I’ll provide additional information on the history and accomplishments of Archduke Ludwig Salvador.

The Hike to Sa Foradada

Our hike to the Sa Foradada rock starts at the old Son Marroig manor house. If it is open, I highly recommend visiting it after the tour. You will find numerous parking spaces in front, although they may be occupied due to the spectacular viewpoint and restaurant, which is bustling in the summer evenings. The terrace is considered one of the best spots to view Mallorca’s sunsets. But let’s not get distracted – we came here for hiking!

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Esel bei Sa Foradada
Wanderung Deia Sa Foradada

Beyond the house, we reach a closed gate. Don’t worry – it’s not to keep us out, but to contain the roaming animals on the other side. Climb the small ladder and you’ll be on the other side. That’s when the real adventure begins.

The use of closed hiking trails is common in Mallorca, as many of them traverse private property. The gates and fences are mainly used to contain livestock in their designated area. Therefore, the gates should always be shut after you go through them.

Zigzagging to the Peninsula

The trail to Sa Foradada gradually descends, zigzagging first on a paved road through olive groves where sheep graze, then on an earth path through massive rock formations and beneath pine trees. We can’t help but explore one of the ancient and gnarled olive trees.

Sa Foradada Mallorca

The real highlight, however, are the donkeys. They roam the estate at will, and you’ll definitely run into them at some point along the way. They’re a bit introverted, but not shy. You can pet them if you’d like, but they don’t seem to mind either way.

The Caves of Son Marroig

Once we leave the farmland behind, the terrain gets more rugged. Wind and water have formed the rocks, most notably at a spot with multiple caves. It’s worth taking a detour from the main path and to explore the caves, though you should be surefooted and not suffer from vertigo.

Caves of Son Marroig

We will also pass numerous stunning viewpoints on our way, each offering a different perspective of the stone hole that we gradually approach. Though not as adventurous, these are just as spectacular.

The Rock Sa Foradada at the Sea

The previous section leads us in a large arc around Sa Foradada before we reach the small, rocky harbor. We can no longer see the hole, as it is now right above us. Depending on age and skill, you can attempt to climb the peak of the hole rock, but it takes a lot of agility and courage. So, parents, do not overestimate yourselves! There are no obvious paths to the top, and the descent is even harder.

It’s better to have a small picnic below the rock. The locals often bring their own grilling equipment and make a fire. However, open fires are not allowed anywhere on the island during the summer! After your break, you can swim a bit in the clear water of the bay.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free experience and want to try some delicious paella, you can visit the restaurant Sa Foradada. This is where you’ll find Mallorca’s best paella – and a toilet. Just make sure the restaurant is open – unfortunately, it’s closed during the winter. The restaurant is so popular that in the summer, diners arrive by boat in the small harbor to avoid the hike.

In a way, they have a point. The return trip is the same as the way down. However, since it’s uphill, it can be slightly more strenuous and take a little longer.


Main Info

  • Trail Details: 7 km – Elevation 230 m – Estimated time 3 hours
  • Parking: At Cases de Son Marroig on the Ma-10 Valldemossa-Deià Ma-10 road, km 65.8.
  • Food & Beverage: Restaurante Sa Foradada at the clrock formation (reservations: +34 616 087 499). At the parking lot, Restaurante Mirador Na Foradada.
  • Son Marroig Mansion: Monday – Saturday 9.30 – 14 hrs, 15.30 – 16.30 hrs. Adults € 4.
  • Toilets: At the restaurants, if they are open.
  • Nearby: Deià. Valldemossa.

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