Sunset in Mallorca: 11 Magical Spots

One of our favorite summer activities is taking a picnic basket to the beach or to especially beautiful viewpoints in the evening to enjoy a picnic and watch the sunset in Mallorca. Often, this happens at the beach. But there are also other great spots where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in Mallorca.

The most beautiful sunsets in Mallorca

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There are exactly two essential questions: Where can you find the most beautiful sunsets in Mallorca? We will answer this in great detail in the following article. You will find 11 stunning spots to watch the sunset in Mallorca. The second question is: When does the sun set and when does it get dark in Mallorca? And we know that too:


SUP Tour: Paddleboarding into the Sunset

Preparing for the Sunset

Before heading out, the bag needs to be packed. This looks a bit different than during the day. The most important item is mosquito repellent. Whether you’re by the sea or further inland, you can’t go without it. These pests are everywhere and can ruin even the most enchanting evening.

sunset in Mallorca

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If you’re spending the sunset at the beach, I recommend bringing extra clothes for the kids. In the summer, it doesn’t cool down much at night, but the humidity by the sea increases significantly, and everything gets very damp. Even if you don’t end up using them, it’s better than having a shivering child.

Flashlights are also a good idea for the way back. They add a bit more adventure to the outing.

Best Sunset in Mallorca: On the Sea & at the Beach

By Catamaran: Sunset on the Sea in the Bay of Palma

The best beach for a sunset, especially if you want to enjoy it with children, is always the one nearby. For special evenings, it’s not always necessary to drive to the other end of the island. Even if it’s just a beach facing east, the sky will still become colorful.

sunsets at the beach in mallorca

It’s even more special to experience the last rays of the day on the sea. For this, you can book professional providers. Or you can use what you have available. Whether it’s an air mattress or a paddleboard, such an adventure at sunset on the sea will be something children will always remember. There are also various providers that offer sunset trips on the sea.

The Best Sunsets in Mallorca

To be honest, anywhere in Mallorca can be the perfect spot for a sunset. Sometimes, it’s enough to sit on your terrace with a glass of wine and watch the sun disappear from there. However, there are some spots that are particularly great for sunsets in Mallorca. Here they are:

  • In the Mountains: At the Sant Salvador Monastery near Felanitx
  • On the Coast: At the lighthouse in Colònia de Sant Jordi
  • At the Beach: Es Trenc beach

In the North: At Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor in the north is already impressive during the day. When the light slowly fades, it becomes even more magical. Many people know this, which is why the lighthouse can get quite crowded. Most would probably recommend watching the sunset from one of Mallorca’s most famous viewpoints – Es Colomer. It’s great there too. However, our favorite spot is the old watchtower Talaia d’Albercutx, which sits a bit higher. From there, you have a magnificent view over the entire peninsula and the beach Platja d’Albercutx.

Cap de Formentor

The Practical Part: You can drive up to the lighthouse. There is parking a bit below. Until recently, you could even climb the tower. A flashlight is a must for the walk back to the car, as the paths are very rough.

Sunset in Alcúdia: On the La Victoria Peninsula

Unlike Formentor, the peninsula behind Alcúdia isn’t entirely uninhabited, but it still suffers little from light pollution. We witnessed a breathtaking sunset here when we stayed overnight in our van. A peaceful spot is the parking lot below the youth hostel at S’Illot Beach. There’s also a small bar there, which might be open – or maybe not.

camping in mallorca

On both sides of the parking lot, there are numerous picnic benches near the shore. So, you can sit quite comfortably here and have dinner. Just don’t lose sight of your food: goats often stroll by and are very interested in anything edible.

Sunset viewpoints: At the Sant Salvador Monastery near Felanitx

The monastery hill near Felanitx is a popular spot in summer to watch the sunset in Mallorca. And there is plenty of space. Photography enthusiasts usually stand by the statue of Christ because from there, the monastery is also included in the sunset picture.

sunset at Sant Salvador Felanitx

At the Santuari de Sant Salvador monastery, there are also several picnic benches, but they’re in a wooded area where you can’t observe the sunset optimally. We prefer to have our picnic on the rooftop terrace above the restaurant, which is always very busy in the evening.

Getting there and parking at the monastery hill is very easy. There is a large parking lot, and if you stick to the main path, everything is well lit. So, you don’t necessarily need flashlights here.

In Colonia de Sant Jordi

Colònia de Sant Jordi may not be in the west of Mallorca, but it’s far enough south to enjoy wonderful views of the setting sun. If you’re looking for a somewhat more dramatic photo opportunity, the lighthouse in the town is a great spot. Just a few steps away, there’s a playground – also with a view of the setting sun – and with Hostal Colonial, one of the best ice cream parlors on the island. From the lighthouse, a coastal path leads all the way around the headland. You can also watch the sunset from there.

sunset at the beach in mallorca

For those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, Platja Estanys beach at the other end of the town is a better choice. The sandy beach is child-friendly and shallow. There’s a small beach bar and plenty of space for free play. If you want to be even more secluded, you can head further west towards Es Trenc as needed. Flashlights aren’t necessarily required here, but definitely bring mosquito repellent!

In the South: Sunset at Es Trenc

Es Trenc is one of the most famous and frequently visited beaches in Mallorca. During the day, finding a parking spot can be an adventure in itself. And often, you have to walk quite far on the beach before it becomes truly beautiful, empty, and free of seaweed. We usually go to Es Trenc in the evening for the sunset.

Sonnenuntergang am Strand Mallorca für Kinder

Exactly when most bathers are heading home. We often find a parking spot right at the beach access in Ses Covetes. And then we always stay for a while. The kids can safely play in the water during the sunset, while the adults relax on the picnic blanket. If you’re in the mood for a cozy atmosphere, you can stop by the beach bar s’Embat on the way back to the car, where you can regularly listen to live music in the summer.

Sa Torre de Llucmajor

Sa Torre is a residential area on the coast of Llucmajor. Between Badia Blava and Maioris Decima, there are several beautiful photo spots where you can enjoy a view of the Bay of Palma and watch the sun disappear behind the island’s capital.

Sonnenuntergang am Strand Mallorca für Kinder

We particularly enjoy the sunsets in Mallorca at the viewpoint above the parking lot of Badia Blava. You’ll have to walk less at Mirador de Sa Torre. However, it’s noticeably busier there in the summer evenings. A bit further west, there’s another viewpoint where it’s a bit quieter.

With a View of the Cathedral: Sunset in Palma

Excursions: Catamaran Tour for Sunset from Palma

Although the island’s capital is densely populated, there are also some natural spots here where you can spend a cozy or romantic sunset in Mallorca. For example, in the suburbs of Ciutat Jardin or Molinar, either on the beach or in one of the restaurants along the coast. Each offers a breathtaking view of the Cathedral of Palma, behind which the sun slowly disappears.

Es Carnatge

For a more natural experience, head to Es Carnatge – the last undeveloped stretch of coast in Palma. You can either sit quietly by the sea here, with a picnic, or explore the coastal path. Smaller children can even safely ride their bikes or scooters along here.

On the other side of the bay, the cruise ship port Dique del Oeste is worth a visit in the evening. Behind the San Carlos Military Museum, there’s a long footpath that runs directly along the sea. You can easily park along the road here.

At the Beach of Santa Ponça

Now we’re really heading west. A cozy spot to watch the sunset in Santa Ponça, Mallorca, is the beach there or one of the many restaurants located near the sea. The area itself is quite touristy, so you won’t be secluded from the rest of the world here. But there are also a variety of services and amenities available to help you end the day.

Santa Ponça

For a quieter experience, head to the Mirador del Cañón Islas Malgrats viewpoint. From the observation platform, you have an almost complete panoramic view of Paguera and Santa Ponça. In the foreground are the rocky islets of Islas Malgrats, adding a certain drama to every photo. The spot is located at the end of a dead-end street, and parking is available along the road. It’s the perfect place for a special sunset in Mallorca!

Sunset in the West of Mallorca: Sant Elm

There’s no place much further west from Sant Elm. This small, former fishing village is geared towards tourists but not overcrowded. Excursion boats to the Dragon Island, Sa Dragonera, the westernmost point of Mallorca, depart from here. However, as the island is under nature protection, only park rangers are allowed to stay there late in the evening.

Sant Elm

The Dragon Island, however, offers a dramatic backdrop for the sunset in Mallorca. You can enjoy it directly at the small beach of the village, perhaps even with a typical Mallorcan Pa amb Oli. Or you can walk a bit north along the coast to get a better view.

The Tower of Souls: Torre de Ses Ànimes near Banyalbufar

Now we’re heading along the north coast, entering more mystical areas. The former watchtower near Banyalbufar, known as both Torre des Verger (Tower of the Maidens) and Torre de ses Ànimes (Tower of Souls), is a very popular photo spot for sunsets in Mallorca. And a place full of secrets.

Wachtürme auf Mallorca: Torre ses Verger

Theoretically, it’s possible to enter the tower. However, in recent years, it has become increasingly dilapidated, so I would advise against it. Especially with children or in the evening hours. Why is it called the Tower of Souls? It is said that ghosts can be seen at night in and around the tower. The souls of those who perished here. Firstly, because they got lost in the fog. Secondly, because they wanted to end their lives.

Usually, in the evening hours at the tower, you only encounter other people, not ghosts. So, it’s also safe to watch the sunset in Mallorca here.

At the Rock Sa Foradada near Deià

The rock formation Sa Foradada on the coast near Deià is already very spectacular during the day and the destination of many hikes. However, there’s a special atmosphere on summer evenings when many people gather on the terrace of the restaurant located directly on the mountain road. Here, you can enjoy sundowners with cocktails and the best view of the rock.

Sa Foradada

Is it too crowded for you? Then walk a few meters along the hiking trail described in the article to the first viewpoint with stone tables. Here, you can enjoy a picnic in peace. Sturdy shoes and a flashlight for the way back are a must!

In Port de Sóller

In Port de Sóller, with its two lighthouses, you have a unique backdrop for the sunset in Mallorca. The best way to enjoy the entire panorama is on the beach. There are also numerous dining options along the promenade, offering “kid-friendly” food like pizza and hamburgers.

However, very beautiful sunsets can also be observed directly at the lighthouses. The access road to the Cap Gros lighthouse is narrow but leads to a spacious parking lot and even more views of the sea. On the other side of the bay, the terrace at the Maritime Museum is the perfect spot. There are benches to sit on and an unobstructed view of the sea.

In the Canyon Of Sa Calobra

During the day, in summer, Sa Calobra and the adjacent Torrent de Pareis gorge are bustling with activity. Excursion boats dock every hour, and cars and coaches squeeze past each other on the winding road. In the evening, it becomes quieter. Nevertheless, the gorge is also highly appreciated by admirers of a romantic sunset in Mallorca.

Sa Calobra

The scenery is indeed quite unique. However, I would be very cautious with children. Once the sun sets, it becomes pitch dark in the gorge. The lighting in the tunnel leading back to Sa Calobra is also not very reliable. It’s important to drive extra carefully on the way back up the mountains by car. You wouldn’t want to end up spending the night here unintentionally.

Organized Tours for Sunset on Mallorca

If you prefer a guided experience for watching the sunset on Mallorca, there are several organized tours available.

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