Hiking with Children on Mallorca: Easy Trails for the whole Family

Mallorca is not just about beaches and sun, but also about mountains and valleys. While in summer, most people flock to the beaches, in winter, you’ll often find Mallorcan families exploring the mountains. There are plenty of family-friendly excursions available, making hiking with children on Mallorca a perfect thing. In this guide, I’ll provide you with an overview of the options for hiking with kids in Mallorca and share some of our favorite trails.

Hiking with Children on Mallorca: Easy Trails for the whole Family

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Hiking enthusiasts, especially those who love exploring, can be found in the Tramuntana Mountains. The trail network there is well-signposted and offers many hiking opportunities for families. However, beyond the mountains, the island also boasts numerous paths leading to secluded beaches, ancient castles, and prehistoric settlements. All the routes you find here on these pages and in our book have been tested by us as a family with our children, starting at the time they could walk independently. This is why our catalog ranges from short trips where you can bring a stroller to more challenging hikes suitable for older children.

Hiking in Mallorca: Tips & Information

Mallorca is a hiking paradise, enticing visitors with a wide variety of trails. Hikes can take you from the island’s highest peaks to the sea in a short time, passing through mountain farms, smugglers’ caves, and snow houses along the way. However, even on the simplest hiking paths, there are some important things to consider.

Hiking Trails in Mallorca

The long-distance trail GR221 traverses the island in eight stages, from the southwestern point through the Tramuntana Mountains to the northeastern tip. It is the only well-signposted hiking trail on the island. On most other routes, you’ll need to rely on cairns and colored markers for guidance.

hiking on mallorca with children

The hikes in Mallorca lead along paths, trails, and tracks that were laid out by fishermen, farmers, or pilgrims several hundred years ago. For centuries, people were so occupied with securing their livelihoods that there was little time to create paths for physical exercise or nature exploration. An exception to this is the riding trail of Archduke Luis Salvator.

In general, be prepared for the hiking trails in Mallorca to be considerably rougher than in other parts of Europe.

Private and Hunting Grounds

On almost all hikes, you will encounter walls and gates that may be closed. However, these gates are not intended to hinder hikers but to keep freely roaming animals such as sheep and donkeys within their designated areas. Many hiking trails in Mallorca cross private property. In the mountains, an ancient right of way applies, and along the coast, the Coastal Protection Act grants hikers access.

hiking trails mallorca

The signs saying “coto privado de caza” (private hunting ground) also do not imply a prohibition of access but rather indicate a private hunting area. In many cases, entry is still allowed. The wildest animals you might encounter are feral goats. There is no danger to hikers even if shots are heard. However, it is advisable not to stray too far from the hiking trails in such situations.

Areas not meant to be traversed by hikers are usually securely fenced off, making access impossible from the start. Nevertheless, it’s wise not to venture too far off the path.

Best Time for Hiking in Mallorca

Even experienced hikers reduce their hiking activities in the summer months and prefer to hike only in the very early morning hours. Any weather conditions with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius are not advisable for children. By ten in the morning, the sun is already so intense that any excursion becomes a challenge.

In our family, we avoid coastal hikes or longer routes to beaches in the summer. Interestingly, the early warmth in spring can be more taxing than the same temperatures in autumn. As a general rule, especially for those accustomed to a different climate, take it slow. Keep your first hike short to test your endurance and that of the children.

best hiking trails on mallorca

The best season for us to hike is spring when nature slowly awakens. Everything is green and in bloom, and the weather is very stable. The fall also works well, although there can be occasional small storms (always pay attention to current warnings). On the bright side, you can still enjoy swimming in the sea during the fall, which is less feasible in the spring. The winter in Mallorca is comparatively mild and suitable for hiking, even though there might be some snow in the mountains at times. The key is to have the right clothing to be prepared for various weather conditions.

Navigation during the Hike

Many hiking trails in Mallorca are marked with wooden signposts. Stone pyramids and colored markers on rocks are also commonly seen. Occasionally, wooden posts (fitas) with colored stripes may indicate the trail.

hiking with children on mallorca

Most of our hikes follow marked trails, but sometimes it can get a bit tricky. That’s why our hiking guide includes GPS data for each hike. With these, you can easily track the hikes on your smartphone.

Hiking with Children in General

Life with children is different, I don’t need to tell you that. Hiking is no exception. While adults have the destination in mind and steadily walk towards it, for children, the journey itself is the destination. Solely hiking can be boring for them. They want to play along the way, discover things, collect stones, and climb.

This tends to make the hike longer than it needs to be. For adults with a tightly scheduled day in mind, this can be stressful. To ensure that family hikes in Mallorca and elsewhere don’t end in arguments or frustration, as parents, we need to embrace this type of hiking.

hiking with children

Another crucial insight we’ve gained over the years is that children quickly get bored on wide, straight, and easy-to-walk paths. On narrow, steep trails and rocky sections, however, they often move faster than us adults. Adventurous paths stimulate their sense of play and imagination, and the competitive spirit comes into play.

That’s why most of our hikes here are associated with a lot of adventure. We don’t put our children in danger, but we enjoy challenging them. When introducing these tours to you, we point out the tricky spots.


You don’t need a complete hiking kit to explore Mallorca. However, we recommend sturdy shoes for all hikes, and in mountainous areas, hiking boots are advisable. Mallorca’s coastline is rugged, with many sharp corners and plenty of underbrush.

hiking on mallorca

Part of your equipment should always include an ample water supply. Most rescue operations related to hikers in Mallorca occur due to dehydration and overestimation of one’s abilities. While there are some places to stop for refreshments, the opening hours may deviate from official information.

Don’t forget sufficient sun protection, regardless of the season. Hiking poles are not necessarily essential unless you need to protect your knees or carry a child in a backpack during the hike.

Age recommendations, walking time, and difficulty

These details are based on our own experiences and observations, so they are purely subjective. Every child is different. Our youngest son is very active and fitter than many children in his age group. His older brother is usually very motivated but takes longer for the routes, partly because he gets captivated by various things along the way.

hiking trails for kids

Therefore, the information provided here is an average and only relates to the time when you are in motion. Expect the duration to be double for children between four and six years old, including the breaks you take.

It’s best not to immediately attempt the most challenging routes, even with older children. Ease into it gradually. Keep in mind that coastal hikes may not necessarily be easier than those in the mountains. A coastal hike in Mallorca in April under the blazing sun can be more strenuous than a mountain tour in June with consistent shade.

Hiking with Children on Mallorca: Various Trails for All Ages

After a lot of theory, let’s finally dive into the practical aspect. We’ll introduce you to some tours here, and further down, you’ll find a list of all the hiking tours we’ve undertaken.

Strolling Around Deià

Deià is renowned as an artist’s village. Everything there is quaint and small but not necessarily family-friendly—or so I thought. I was mistaken. There are many fantastic spots in and around the village that are worthwhile even with children. One excursion takes you around the village, down to the coast, and back on the other side.

hike in deia

The circular tour is relatively easy, taking you through solid and unpaved paths, across olive fields, and through developed areas. Depending on the season, you can take a swim stop at Cala Deià, where the bar is open during the season. In the village of Deià, you can find places to eat year-round.

Hiking to the Castle of Alaró

A very classic hike for families with children in Mallorca leads to the Castell d’Alaró. It offers spectacular views and a slightly eerie castle legend. This family hike takes approximately 70 minutes, plus the time spent at the summit relaxing, picnicking, and playing.

hike to the castle of alaro

The hike to the Castle of Alaró can be found in all adult hiking guides as well because the tour can be adjusted to different lengths. The longest version takes over five hours. A moderately challenging hike starts in the village. We opt for the easiest version. You can find the full report on our hike with the children to the Castle of Alaró here.

The Pirate Path from Port de Sóller to Sóller

This manageable route is filled with history. It was along this path that the Mallorcans successfully repelled pirates attempting to plunder the town of Sóller in May 1561. Due to the pirate stories one can share along the way, this tour is a must if you want to go hiking with children in Mallorca.

hiking with children in soller

But that’s not all. Both Sóller and Port de Sóller are stops full of further opportunities for discoveries and refreshment. If you don’t want to walk too much, you can take parts of the route by the old tram, checking off another attraction. You can find the detailed hiking report here.

Orange Ice Cream & Lots of Money: Our interactive treasure hunt through Sóller.

Around the Cúber Reservoir

An easy hike takes you around the reservoir at the foot of Puig Major, the highest peak in Mallorca. The trail follows the water, passing through rocks. You’ll likely see cows and sheep, and occasionally a wild goat blocking the path. Parts of this trip are also manageable with a stroller.

hiking in the tramuntan

This hike is so easy that it’s essentially considered a stroll. However, that’s what makes it perfect for very young children who, as we know, find every stone interesting, especially if it can be thrown into the water. And there are plenty of such stones at the reservoir. The only drawback: parking can sometimes be challenging.

Cliff Hike to Cala Figuera

This hike has everything Mallorca has to offer: beach, sandstone, cliffs, lavender fields, a fishing village, and a pirate watchtower. Parts of the route are somewhat challenging but doable. Starting from Cala Santanyí, it follows the coastline to the fishing village of Cala Figuera and returns through easier paths inland.

Caves and Pirates: Our interactive treasure hunt in Cala Santanyí.

cliff hike with children on mallorca

The hike can be done almost year-round, except when it’s too hot and windy. In Cala Figuera, you’ll always find open restaurants, while in Cala Santanyí, dining options are available only during the season.

Hiking with Children in Mallorca: Previous Tours

As we are out almost every weekend, our collection of hiking tours continues to grow. Our excursions no longer exclusively stick to solid ground. That’s why we now also have posts about hiking on the sea, including stand-up paddle tours in Mallorca and canyon exploration through gorges during canyoning in Mallorca. Families with younger children are not left out either. Here are 11 tours that can be done with a stroller.

But we still have the traditional tours as well:

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