Caló des Moro: Mallorca’s Most Hyped Beach

Few beaches in Mallorca are as hyped as Es Caló des Moro. It is undeniably beautiful, no doubt about it. However, it has become so overcrowded that recommending it becomes questionable. Thanks to unpaid advertising on Instagram, numerous magazines, and across continents, this small bay is swarmed with visitors during summer. We live nearby and witness the hustle and bustle during the summer, but also enjoy the tranquility and solitude in the winter. And we understand why everyone wants to visit Caló des Moro.

Beach Caló des Moro

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As soon as you step off the plane, Caló des Moro catches your eye. A massive poster of the beach hangs at the Palma Airport on the way to the baggage claim. However, please note that this photo is slightly outdated, showing the beach before 2019 when a storm washed away all the sand into the sea. Nature, it seems, is fighting back. During the winter of 2020/2021, some sand was returned by the sea, but now rocks and stones dominate the landscape. Additionally, the sea level has risen.

Consequently, there is less and less space and more people at Caló des Moro. I’m noone to tell you not to visit Caló des Moro, but I want to prepare you so that you don’t arrive with high expectations and end up disappointed. Parking has been a particularly tense issue in recent years. To avoid getting a ticket, be sure to read my tips below.

No parking problems: Take a boat tour to Caló des Moro.

Calo des Moró: Mallorca’s Most Famous Beach

No matter who I talk to, most vacationers are already familiar with Caló des Moro and want to go there. I often advise against it. For several years now, there has been a large parking lot at the entrance of Cala Llombards, where those wishing to visit the small bay park. It can accommodate over a hundred cars. In the past, there was space for perhaps twenty towels on the beach.

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Caló des Moro

Well, those times are over. As a small countermeasure to the overused nature, a storm in early 2019 washed away all the sand and left most of it in the sea. Since then, the beach has become predominantly rocky. In recent months, there has also been a higher sea level. So, on the one hand, Caló des Moro has become much narrower, and on the other hand, it is rocky and stony. No matter which photo of the bay you have seen when you decided to explore it further, it was most likely not current.

Getting To & Parking at Caló des Moro

It’s not really that hard to reach the small swimming cove in the municipality of Santanyí. Even buses have been coming here in the summer for a few years now. What remains difficult is the parking situation.

Where to Park at Caló des Moro in 2024

Folks, it’s tough! The parking regulations have changed so often in recent years that even locals struggle to keep up with the latest information. Currently, the entire parking lot at the entrance of Cala Llombards is open and can be used for free. You can always park there.

Parking at Caló des Moro
Calo des Moro auf Mallorca

The access roads to the S’Almunia settlement are also open to regular traffic again. However, most parking spaces are reserved for residents. Parking on yellow lines is not allowed. The police regularly check to ensure that emergency access is not blocked. You can read the most important rules about parking and fines in Mallorca here.

In general, there are far too few parking spaces for the number of visitors in the summer. But this doesn’t bother most beachgoers. They look for parking in the side streets. The solution for you: take the bus. In the summer, bus line 517 runs from Santanyí through Cala Llombards to Colonia de Sant Jordi and Campos. The bus stop is right at the parking lot. From there, it’s about a 15-minute walk to Caló des Moro.

How To Get to Es Caló des Moro

At the entrance of Cala Llombards, you will find a large and well-signposted parking lot. From there, it is approximately a 1.5-kilometer walk to the bay. There are two access points. One follows the paved road until reaching a staircase, which leads first to Cala s’Almunia and then to Caló des Moro.

Strand Es Caló des Moro

The second option follows along the coast. There, you will find a slightly rocky but well-maintained path. Although it may be a bit more challenging, it offers better photo opportunities of the beach.

In both cases, the most difficult part is the final section: the steep descent to the bay, which involves navigating through rugged, slippery sandstone. This can be particularly risky during periods of high foot traffic.

Families With Children

Here’s a little appeal to everyone who wants to visit Caló des Moro with kids: It’s really not recommended. We live very close by and see all the families making their way on foot with beach gear and sometimes strollers. Every time I think, this can only end in stress.

Caló des Moro Höhle
Höhle Caló des Moro

The final part, the descent to the beach, is not suitable for small children. It’s even worse when people are constantly coming the other way. There is no place to play, not on land, and rarely in the water. There are no shaded areas and generally no child-friendly environment.

And strollers are a no-go. From the parking lot to the cove, it might seem okay at first because the road is paved. But to get to the beach, you’ll have to carry the strollers. They will also take up the already scarce space. It’s better to go to Cala Llombards. It also gets crowded in the summer, but it’s a better option for kids.

Excursions to Caló des Moro

We personally avoid the beach during the summer, but not the bay itself. Even though it can get crowded in the water too, we often visit Caló des Moro by taking the water route. Our favorite mode of transportation for this is stand-up paddleboarding.

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Alternatively, you also have the option to visit the bay by jetski or as part of a boat excursion. The boat tour departs from Cala Figuera. For more information about the jetski excursion, you can find details here.

Detour: Cala S’Almunia

While I can understand why many people want to visit Caló des Moro, I fail to comprehend how the neighboring beach is often overlooked. Cala S’Almunia captivates with its small bay featuring boat garages and a small rocky beach that transitions into a wild stream.

Cala S'Almunia

On both sides, smaller exploratory tours are worthwhile. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to explore these two small mountains as access has been blocked. In my opinion, this is not quite legal since it concerns public terrain.

On the other side of Cala S’Almunia, the hike to Cala Marmols begins. It leads to another truly untouched cove. However, be prepared to walk for two hours before reaching it.

Other Things You Should Consider

Is a visit to Caló des Moro worth it?

Yes! Despite everything, the bay remains one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It’s just unfortunately hopelessly overcrowded. During the summer months, especially in July and August, the path to the bay resembles a pilgrimage route. Many young people even stay overnight, although it is technically prohibited. So, it doesn’t really help to come early, late in the day, or at odd hours. There always seems to be someone there. We avoid Caló des Moro during the summer months.

Strand Es Caló des Moro

However, please keep in mind that Caló des Moro is currently no longer a large sandy beach. Unlike touristy beaches, no sand is artificially replenished here. However, it still captivates with its natural charm. But you have to appreciate that particular charm.

Is Caló des Moro a private beach?

No, it is not!

I often come across posts claiming that Caló des Moro is a private beach and that the owners kindly allow access. That is not true. All beaches in Spain, including the coastline, are public areas and accessible to everyone according to the Spanish Coastal Protection Law.

However, the area between Caló des Moro and Cala S’Almunia bay is private. Access is granted by the owners, and it is important to behave accordingly. The use of drones is not welcome. It should be clear that neither on the private nor on the public part should any litter be left behind.

For further reading, we recommend visiting the website of Amics d’Es Caló des Moro. This association, founded by the owners, is responsible for the landscaping of the area and shares information about their work.

But it’s a Smoke-Free Beach

Since 2019, Caló des Moro has been part of the Platges sense Fum initiative, which promotes smoke-free beaches. Smoking is no longer allowed here. This decision was made not only to create a healthier environment, but also in light of the fact that a discarded cigarette likely caused a severe fire several years ago, which destroyed a significant portion of the vegetation. It should be common sense, but let’s reiterate: litter and cigarette waste should never be left on any beach.

Who Shows Up There?

Mainly, it attracts young people who visit the bay for a few hours. In the past, the beach was also frequented by older individuals and families, but that is no longer the case. Unfortunately, in recent years, it has transformed into an Instagram hotspot, bustling with styled bathers wielding selfie sticks.

In general, the beach is also suitable for families with slightly older children. However, it should be noted that there is no sandy area for playing, and seating options are limited to rocks, most of which are not large enough to accommodate an entire family.

For Toddlers and Babies: Best Beaches for Families in Mallorca.

Furthermore, it is not the place to spend a relaxed beach day during the summer. It is better suited for a short excursion with a swimming break, weather permitting. Walking, climbing, and even a bit of hiking can be enjoyed between Caló des Moro and the neighboring bay of Cala S’Almunia. The fishermen’s huts in S’Almunia make for a picturesque photo opportunity, and swimming is also possible there.

Regardless of which group you belong to, summer is the least favorable time to visit Es Caló des Moro unless you enjoy the feeling of being crowded and the background noise of a football stadium. The small Mallorcan coves have excellent acoustics.


Beach type: Natural beach.

Parking: There is a large parking lot at the entrance of Cala Llombards. From there, it’s approximately a 15-minute walk. Currently, the parking lot is partially closed.

Bus: Line 517 from Santanyí, passing through Cala Llombards, to Colonia de Sant Jordi and Campos.

Not suitable for: strollers, people with limited mobility, small children.

Services: None. There are no toilets or bars. Occasionally, refreshments are sold at a small stand.

Nearby beaches and coves: Cala Llombards, Cala Santanyí, Es Pontàs, Cala Figuera.

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