Cala Marmols: Secluded Beach Amidst Cliffs

Cala Marmols (or Caló des Marmóls) is one of the absolute dream bays in Mallorca. Part of its allure is the fact that it’s not easily accessible. There is no public access road. The beach can only be reached through a longer hike from S’Almunia or from Cap de Ses Salines.

Cala Marmols: Secluded Beach Amidst Cliffs

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I want to share with you today the cliff hike we took with our children to Cala Marmols. It is manageable with children aged 5 and older. The most crucial message first, however: This hike is quite challenging and may not be suitable for all families. It traverses steep cliffs and dense pine forests. The path is not marked, and there is no infrastructure. Even cellphone reception can be unreliable at times.

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Why Caló des Marmols Beach is so special

Cala des Marmols is situated in the secluded southeast of Mallorca and is considered a true hidden gem. The beach stretches over 40 meters in length and 35 meters in width, featuring fine white sand surrounded by impressive marble cliffs.

cala marmols beach
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The clear turquoise water imparts a calm and inviting atmosphere to the bay. The beach access is gently sloping, making it particularly family-friendly, if not for its somewhat challenging accessibility. The seclusion and remote location, however, significantly contribute to its tranquil and relaxed character.

The natural beauty of the towering marble cliffs, the clear water, and the fine sandy beach make the bay a paradise for nature enthusiasts. A trip here promises a break from the hectic daily routine or the bustling holiday season. Despite the somewhat demanding path, Cala des Marmols rewards visitors with an untouched environment and a unique day at the beach.

Coastal hike to Cala Marmols

If you’re up for the adventure, let’s go. Cala Marmols, the Marble Bay, can be reached from two sides. Both the route from the lighthouse at Cap de Ses Salines and the path we took starting from Cala S’Almunia are approximately 5 kilometers long. That might not sound like much at first, but we spent about two hours each way, including a leisurely break at the beach, making it a six to seven-hour excursion.

cliff hike to cala marmols
start in cala s'almunia

The hike is more suitable for the colder seasons, between late autumn and spring when the sun isn’t as intense because there’s little shade along the way. Sturdy shoes are a prerequisite, an ample water supply is a must, and, of course, always pack a snack for the kids.

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Starting Point & Directions

The journey begins at Cala S’Almunia, which is worth a visit in itself. It is overshadowed by the hyped Caló des Moro and captivates especially with its picturesque boathouses. However, try not to get too distracted for too long. If you come during the off-season, between late October and early May, you can drive your car to Cala s’Almunia. Otherwise, you’ll need to park your car at the entrance of Cala Llombards and start your hike from there.

easy hikes on mallorca
easy hike from cala s'almunia to cala de marmols

At the information board for Cala S’Almunia, descend the stairs, take a quick photo of the boat garages, and veer right to navigate through the rocks into the bay. Several old boats are scattered there, and you’ll pass by them. Further into the gorge, you’ll encounter large boulders ahead. On the left, there’s a rough path leading into the bushes. You’ll need to go through it, and after some bending and climbing, you’ll reach the cliff.

The view up there is beautiful, but on the other side, you’ll have to descend again. You’ll reach a rough path that soon forks. It continues in both directions. If you go left, you’ll relatively quickly return to the coast through more bushes. Unfortunately, this path is almost indistinguishable, which is why we chose the right path the first time, leading back inland initially.

Over rocks and stones along the coast

Both paths lead to the coastal plateau, offering expansive views in all directions. If you continue along the cliff, you’ll quickly reach Punta des Bauç, where the remains of an old watchtower provide a good opportunity for a bit of climbing. A bit further, you’ll come across an empty, locked house with a well behind it. At this point, you can select between two paths again. A small trail leads inland, passing by the ruins of old utility buildings. Alternatively, you can continue straight on the coastal plateau. The first option offers more variety, while the second is more direct and faster.

on the way to cala marmols

Both paths converge shortly before Cala Figuereta. You can easily recognize this inlet by the large, white column. Crossing a footpath over the small gorge, you continue along the cliff until you reach a service road. If you orient yourself to the left there, you’ll find, on the ground in front of a thicket, a stone formation. The path is barely visible, rocky and descends, but it leads directly to the rugged riverbed of Cala Marmols. From there, it’s only a short distance until the light-colored sand comes into view.

At the destination: Cala des Marmols

The sight of the bay makes up for a lot. The water is crystal clear, and the bay is peaceful and secluded. However, traces of civilization are also visible here. There is often a lot of litter around, either washed ashore by the sea or left behind by those who hiked to the bay. Unfortunately, there are always some individuals who act irresponsibly.

cala marmols beach mallorca
calo des marmols beach in mallorca

Even though one might assume it, solitude is rare in Cala Marmols. Despite the arduous journey, many are willing to make the trip. Especially younger people pilgrimage to the beach with coolers in hand to spend the entire day there during the summer. Additionally, numerous individuals visit the bay by water. Cala Marmols should not be perceived as a family beach. The primary focus is on the hike, the fantastic untouched nature to observe, and adventurous towers and ruins. As compensation, there is a refreshing dip in the clear water at the end, weather permitting.

Tips for visiting Cala Marmols

On other pages, the difficulty of the hike is assessed as medium. I would cautiously agree with that. The challenge mainly lies in the need to do some climbing in certain areas. However, children generally handle this better than adults.

cala marmols in mallorca
the way back

What you, as parents, should definitely consider is the duration of the excursion. We walked at a relatively brisk pace and kept breaks to a minimum. You should plan for at least two hours for one way, perhaps even a bit more. Then, you need to assess whether your children can handle it. At the beginning, I mentioned a minimum age of 5 years. This, too, is relative. Some children cover long distances at three or four, while some ten-year-olds are not keen on walking at all. You know your children best.

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