The 13 Most Beautiful Beaches on Mallorca

Like Sand by the Sea. That’s how many beaches and coves, also called calas, you can find on Mallorca. The island is a paradise for those who love sun, beach, and water. Just like us. Although only the really tough ones swim year-round, Mallorca is a top destination for beach vacationers. There’s something for everyone. There are large, fully developed tourist beaches and small, hidden coves. Family-friendly and natural beaches. Wide sandy areas and rocky corners. In this post, I’ll show you a selection of what we think are the most beautiful beaches on Mallorca.

The most beautiful beaches on Mallorca

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We don’t know them all, but we have clear favorites. Of course, this assessment is very subjective. This post is not an ultimate list, but just a small overview and guide to the most beautiful beaches on Mallorca. It’s especially helpful for those who might be visiting Mallorca for the first time and don’t know where to start with so many beaches to choose from. I’ll show you the most well-known beaches on the island, but also very child-friendly ones and some insider spots that you won’t find in every travel guide.

The topic of beaches could fill an entire blog on its own. Even on this blog, there are quite a few subcategories. That’s why I’ve picked out our family’s favorites from all beach categories. If you think one of the categories is particulary interesting, you can find many other beaches with similar features through the related link. I’m sure that with this overview, you’ll discover the beaches on Mallorca that suits you best. Have fun exploring!

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Mallorca Are Disappearing

But before I reveal to you the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca, let’s talk about a more serious topic. Although there are many beaches on Mallorca, some of them may disappear in the coming years. This is partly a natural process. Sand has always been eroded by the sea and deposited in other places. Some beaches disappear, while others emerge.

However, we humans are exacerbating this effect. Firstly, on many tourist-managed beaches, seaweed is removed in the spring. Although it doesn’t look nice and sometimes smells, it helps prevent sand erosion. When it’s absent, the sand disappears. This has been especially obvious in Cala Millor in recent years, where seaweed is cleared away every spring. With storms in the winter, the sand is eroded and then has to be replenished afterwards.

the most beautiful beaches on mallorca
Cala Blanca in Andratx.

On the other hand, global warming also contributes to the disappearance of beaches. The sea level has noticeably risen over the past ten years. Especially in the small, narrow coves, you can already see that the sea is encroaching further inland. If the sea level continues to rise, popular beaches like Playa Es Trenc and Platja de Muro will eventually disappear.

I’ve written a detailed post in German about how global warming affects the beaches of Mallorca. These are very gloomy prospects. Now, we can either put on blinders and enjoy the beaches while they’re still here, or we can do something to help them stay. Even minimal effort can make a difference.

The Best Family Beach: Platja de Muro

Category: The Best Family Beaches on Mallorca

These pages are about children, so this beach category is naturally mentioned first. However, not all children are the same. There are many beaches in Mallorca that are well suited for families, even with very young children. They are characterized by short distances and good infrastructure. When selecting them, it was important to me that there are showers and toilets on site. Lifeguards who, together with the parents, keep an eye on the children. Catering options and shaded areas. Ideally, there are even playgrounds available.

Strand Playa de Muro
Platja de Muro is very child-friendly.

The Playa de Muro beach meets all these criteria. Stretching over several kilometers along the Bay of Alcúdia, the beach remains pleasant even in summer. There’s always a little breeze blowing here. There are plenty of shaded areas, and even when it gets a bit crowded, you never feel cramped.

Moreover, the area, while touristy, is very well developed. You’ll find dining options, beach promenades, and quieter attractions such as the Albufera Nature Park, which includes a small beach area.

The Most Beautiful Secluded Beach: Es Caragol

Let’s face the harsh truth first: truly secluded beaches are nowhere to be found in Mallorca during the summer. There are small coves where hardly anyone ventures except for a few locals. However, there’s also an unwritten rule that such genuine hidden gems should never be passed on to tourists. Because what happens next can be observed well with the example of Caló des Moro: the beach gets overrun.

Sandstrand Es Caragol
Es Caragol Beach.
Es Caragol: Naturstrand
Not crowded in summer.

Generally speaking, I can already divulge this much: to reach the most beautiful secluded beaches in Mallorca, you’ll need to be prepared to walk longer distances in the summer. And by longer, I mean hours. In the summer, especially in July and August, everyone on Mallorca, locals and tourists alike, congregates at the beach.

However, there are naturally a few corners by the sea where it’s not so crowded. But here too, the same rule: you need to be good on foot. Our favorite in this category is Es Caragol Beach in the southeast of Mallorca. This natural beach is expansive, gently sloping into the sea, and pleasantly deserted even in the height of summer. And it’s only reachable by a 20-minute walk along the coast starting at the Cap de Ses Salines. Even preschool-aged children can manage the journey. Just make sure not to set off in the midday heat.

And here’s another tip: Es Caragol is a natural beach, so the seaweed washed ashore by the sea remains there. Some years it’s just small stretches of the beach, while in others it’s longer. It may smell a bit strange, but it’s an important part of the ecosystem and a mark of quality.

The Most Beautiful Beach near Alcúdia: Platja de s’Illot

We visit this beach every time we’re near Alcúdia. The bay is more rocky than sandy. You don’t need swimming shoes, but they make the bathing experience more comfortable. The real highlight is the small island (locally called illot) just a few meters from the shore. The water is so shallow that you can almost walk to it.

The Beach S'Illot with its little Island close to Alcúdia.
The Beach S’Illot with its little Island.

Just a few strokes and you’re on another island. It can be climbed a bit. Afterward, you can search for the caves nearby. Or, on land, you can ponder at one of the picnic benches in the shade of the pine trees. But be careful: goats also stroll by here, and they won’t hesitate to enjoy a tasty picnic either.

The Most Beautiful Snorkeling Beach: Die Drei Fingerbucht

You can snorkel almost anywhere in Mallorca. The rockier, the better. But even in beach coves bordered by rocks, there’s plenty to see. A particularly snorkel-friendly paradise can be found at three beaches in Portals Vells.

Snorkeling in mallorca

The westernmost one lies in front of a partly natural, partly man-made cave system and, with its rocky seabed and cliffs along the edge, is the best of the three for a bit of snorkeling in Mallorca.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Palma: Punta Negra

If you’re thinking of El Arenal and Playa de Palma, you’re completely wrong. In the Bay of Palma, from Arenal to Calvia, there are numerous hidden coves and mini-beaches that are only discovered by a few vacationers.

Beaches in Palma: Caló Fort
Caló Fort near Palma.

Our favorite among the seven beaches near Palma is Punta Negra. This promontory has two beaches. One rocky beach for snorkeling in the east and a sandy one in the west. Direct access is blocked by a hotel complex. But both beaches are relatively easy and quick to reach via a short walk.

The Most Beautiful Natural Beach: Es Trenc

Main Category: The 7 Most Beautiful Natural Beaches in Mallorca

Opinions about Playa Es Trenc are somewhat divided. The beach is another typical example of what happens when some places get too much attention and suddenly everyone wants to go there. The time when you could take solitary beach walks in the summer is long gone. Nowadays, even finding a parking spot is a challenge.

Es Trenc
Playa d’Es Trenc.

Nonetheless, Es Trenc remains one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. Its vastness is unparalleled on the island, the sea unbelievably blue and clear. And the atmosphere in the evening hours, when the sun sets into the sea, is unique.

But you also should know, that in the summer, it gets very crowded during the day, and you’ll have to walk further to find a spot that suits you. And as with Es Caragol, there is often dead seaweed at Es Trenc. Without it, the sand would erode more and the beach would eventually disappear.

The Most Beautiful Beach in Mallorca’s Southeast: S’Amarador

In the Mondragó Nature Park, there are a total of three beaches. Our favorite is s’Amarador, the sandy beach at the western end of the park. It’s easily accessible by car and a short walk. For those who need a bit more exercise, you can explore the entire park on one or all five hiking trails, walk along the coast, visit the other two beaches, and discover additional things like an old ammunition depot and lime kilns.

Cala Mondrago Nature Park
S’Amarador, Mondrago Nature Park.

But it’s also perfectly okay to just be lazy and lounge on the beach. In the summer, s’Amarador offers lounge chair and umbrella rentals. You can also grab snacks and drinks at the small beach bar. Lifeguards are also on duty.

The Most Beautiful Beach in Mallorca’s West: Caló d’en Monjo

I could have mentioned Caló d’en Monjo as a snorkeling beach a bit earlier as well. Because it works really well here on the rocky seabed. There’s no sandy beach in the bay, but there are plenty of natural shaded spots in a fragrant pine forest.

Caló d'en Monjo
Caló d’en Monjo close to Cala Fornells.

The beach was a filming location for an Agatha Christie movie. Few people know that. Nearby is the livelier town of Cala Fornells. Further east lies Camp de Mar. Visitor numbers are manageable. If you fancy a short hike and great views, you can climb Cap Andritxol behind Caló d’en Monjo. There stands a watchtower that was meant to fend off pirate attacks in the 16th century.

The Most Beautiful Beach in the North: Formentor Beach

Beach Category: Beaches on the North Coast.

The beaches in the north of Mallorca are more rugged and rocky. However, a nice exception is Formentor Beach, which is sheltered on the south side of the peninsula. The area is very exclusive. In the sixties, Hollywood actors used to meet here, and even today, the price level is rather high.

Platja de Formentor
Nestled between mountains: Platja de Formentor.
Platja de Formentor

And here we are again with the issue of mass tourism: In summer, the entire Formentor Peninsula is overrun. The combination of winding, narrow roads and many rental cars has led to some traffic chaos. Since this is not only annoying but also a risk, access to the peninsula will now be restricted to authorized vehicles during the summer months. However, a bus operates from Port de Pollença. Alternatively, there are also boat tours around the peninsula and to the beach.

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Apart from the somewhat inconvenient access, Platja de Formentor is very family-friendly. The water is very shallow, and there’s plenty of natural shade from the pine trees that reach down to the water.

The Most Beautiful Beach in the Northeast: Cala na Clara

Main Category: Beaches in the Northeast.

In the northeast, there are numerous natural sandy beaches. If you visit the category page, you’ll see them. However, our favorite is a rocky, somewhat difficult-to-access beach. We went there when our son was six years old, so it’s definitely doable with children. But there’s a bit of climbing involved. Parents with knee problems and children who aren’t as sure-footed may have less fun here.

Beach na Clara in Artà
Beach na Clara closte to Betlem.

The beach area of Cala na Clara is rocky. However, once you’re in the water, it becomes sandy. The sandbank extends quite far into the sea. Although there’s always a bit of up and down, the depths are irregular but generally safe for children.

Cala na Clara is accessible from Betlem. Parking there is free. The descent to the beach takes about five minutes to reach. The descent itself takes no more than five minutes but is very steep. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes.

The Most Beautiful Beach with Beach Bar: Colonia de Sant Jordi

No beach in Mallorca is complete without a chiringuito, a small beach bar. Check out here the best beach bars in Mallorca. It’s part of the summer and the beach experience in Mallorca, which is why we’ve not only tested the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca but also the beach bars.

Sunset in Colonia Sant Jordi
Sunset at Colonia de Sant Jordi close to the beach bar 5Illes.

From a family perspective, the best combination of beach and bar for us is to be found in Colonia de Sant Jordi. It’s close to the beach Es Moli de s’Estany, which lies in front of Es Trenc. The bar is slightly hidden in a pine forest with a view of the sea.

The food offered is international and of high quality. It’s especially beautiful here in the evening hours. In the summer, the sun sets directly over the water. Children can play on the beach until late into the darkness in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Best Nudist Beach in Mallorca

Es Canyaret is a small rocky cove near Cala Deià. The area is called Llucalcari and consists of little more than ten houses. You can only reach the beach via a short hike from Deià or by bus from Llucalcari.

Read more: The best nude beaches in Mallorca.

Es Canyaret
Mud Baths in Llucalcari.

What makes this cove in the north special is its rugged charm. Here you’ll find a fig tree and a freshwater spring. Locals often enjoy mud baths from the resulting mud. So, the excursion offers a complete spa experience. Children may not enjoy swimming here as much, but it’s okay for a short stop.

A BeachYou Don’t Need To Visit: Caló des Moro

No list of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca is complete without Caló des Moro. But to be honest, there’s a reason why I saved it for last. Yes, the beach is stunning. But in the summer, it’s terrible. The cove is hyped up on the internet and social media to the extent that people sometimes wait up to four hours just to get to the water.

Caló des Moro Mallorca
Overly hyped: Caló des Moro.

Furthermore, since 2022, the parking situation has become very tense. If you’re planning a nice beach outing, then don’t go to Caló des Moro. If your main goal is just to get that Instagram photo, make sure to allocate enough time.

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