The 12 Most Beautiful Beaches in Alcúdia

More than 10 beaches belong to the municipality of Alcúdia. Many of them are close to the popular resort of Port d’Alcúdia. But that’s not all. The beaches of the neighboring municipality are also within the Bay of Alcúdia and can be easily reached by public transport. In this post, I want to introduce you to the most beautiful beaches in Alcúdia, which we love to visit time and time again.

most beautiful beaches in Alcúdia

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The beautiful beaches of Mallorca and the turquoise water are probably the island’s main attractions, especially in the summer. A very popular holiday destination is Alcúdia, along with its port town, Port d’Alcúdia. Here, the beaches stretch between rocks and pine trees. Hidden coves and wide expanses of white sand. Beaches for families or adventurers. There’s something for every taste. The perfect place for a beach holiday or adventures. Come with us from beach to beach.

The Beaches of Alcúdia

The municipality includes a total of 20 beaches and coves. Almost too many for a single vacation. But on the other hand, that’s a good thing, because the region is very popular as a holiday destination. With so many beautiful beaches to choose from, no one has to feel crowded. Even in the summer, there are always some lovely spots where you can be almost alone.

Platja d’Alcúdia: Family-Friendly

The main beach of the municipality is Playa de Alcúdia (in Mallorcan, Platja d’Alcúdia, but often also called Playa del Puerto de Alcúdia). It is one of the most touristy beaches on the island. Despite this, it has a special beauty. Fortunately, there are only a few tall buildings and instead, more pines and palm trees right on the beach.

Thanks to its length of more than three kilometers, you can enjoy plenty of space even in the peak season. Additionally, the beach is very clean, and the water is shallow. Perfect conditions for families with small children.

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Beaches  in Alcúdia - Platja d'Alcúdia - Playa de Alcúdia

The Playa de Alcúdia is divided into two sections. The first part begins at the port of Port d’Alcúdia and runs parallel to the promenade. This area is always very busy, with many hotels, beach bars, and rental stations for all kinds of water sports.

It gets a bit quieter starting from the area known as Ciudad Blanca. Here, you’ll find the prominent pier into the sea, featured in many photos. This part offers a more natural and tranquil setting. You can also find many offers for boat tours here, including the very popular dolphin tour at sunrise.

If you are driving, you can park almost directly at the beach in one of the many side streets. During peak season, you might need to search a bit longer. By bus, you can reach Platja d’Alcúdia from Palma, Inca, Sa Pobla, Can Picafort, and directly from the airport. There are a total of four bus stops along the length of the beach.

Platja Sa Marina: For Surfers

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The Sa Marina beach is located one kilometer outside of Alcúdia, right on the road that connects the town with Port de Pollença. If you’re arriving by car, you won’t miss the beach, especially with the constant sight of kitesurfers. It’s quite a spectacle. But please also pay attention to the road!

Sa Marina is approximately 400 meters long and 30 meters wide. Due to its proximity to the road, it’s not an ideal family beach. However, a quick dip in the water is always possible. Parking is available nearby. If you enjoy being active, you can also reach the beach in five minutes by bike from Alcúdia.

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Thanks to the wind and the resulting good waves, this beach is especially popular with kitesurfers. If you’re interested, there’s a kitesurfing school just a few meters from the shore. They also offer equipment for almost all other water sports. Additionally, the beach is characterized by shallow water. The lounging area consists of sand, but it can be mixed with rocky areas and sometimes seaweed.

Can Cap de Bou: For Locals

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Further into the bay, about 4.5 kilometers from Port de Pollença, lies this small beach between the Albufereta de Pollença wetlands and the sea. Here too, wind and waves make their mark.

The road is very close here as well, but the water is exceptionally shallow. Parking is available at a small lot near the beach. Alternatively, you can take a bus that stops just ten meters away from the beach. Lifeguards are present during the summer season. Be sure to keep an eye on their flags and avoid entering the sea during high waves.

Beaches on the La Victoria Peninsula

The beaches on the peninsula behind Alcúdia aren’t as easily accessible. However, they are incredibly scenic and less crowded in the summer compared to the beaches near the town. One downside is that there are no buses that go here. You’ll need to arrive by rental car or hop on bicycles.

Platja de s’Illot: With an Island

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Platja S’Illot is one of our favorite beaches near Alcúdia. Located on the La Victoria peninsula just five kilometers outside the town, the beach is made up of gravel and stones, which may not seem inviting at first glance. However, few bathers are bothered by this.

One reason is that this spot is perfect for snorkeling in Mallorca. Here, you can discover many fish and perhaps even squid hiding among the stones. Our personal highlight, though, is the small island just a few meters from the beach.

Strand S'Illot Halbinsel Victoria Alcudia

It’s almost possible to walk to the island. Even younger children can make it there with their parents and explore the island. Spoiler alert: It’s not that big. But hey, you’ve swum to an island! To avoid any discomfort from rocks, we always wear water shoes.

If you want to stay longer, you’ll find shaded spots along the rocks on the beach. Above, there are shaded areas under pine trees with picnic benches. The waters in this area are generally very calm and incredibly clear. You can safely go kayaking, take stand-up paddle trips, and explore underwater caves.

Platja de Sant Joan: Sandy Beach

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The beach of Sant Joan is only three kilometers from Alcúdia and is located in the bustling urbanization of Mal Pas. Just follow the signs. There’s a small parking lot right at the beach, but it fills up quickly during the summer months. Arriving early is worth it, as parking can be challenging.

Platja de Sant Joan

The beach itself is a mix of sandy and rocky sections and is a very popular spot for photo sessions, not only among Instagram influencers but also among locals during special family celebrations.

It’s no wonder, as the backdrop is truly spectacular. In the distance, you can see the Bay of Pollença, and beneath your feet, a colorful seabed through crystal-clear water. During the summer, there’s a small bar, lifeguards, and umbrellas on the beach.

Platja de Sant Pere: Perfect in the Evening

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Right next to the Mal Pas marina lies the beach of San Pere, a sandy stretch approximately one hundred meters long. It’s a great spot for a beach outing. During the season, there’s a beach bar here. You can rent umbrellas and lounge chairs, and a lifeguard ensures safety.

beach in Alcúdia

Sant Pere is a pretty small beach framed by rocks. The water is incredibly clean and clear, and it’s shallow near the shore. Therefore, it’s a good choice for outings with younger children.

Platja de l’Alcanada: Perfect for Picnics

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Adjacent to the Alcanada golf course lies this beach just three kilometers from the harbor. The small pebble beach boasts clean, clear, and tranquil waters. It’s surrounded by a small pine forest that provides refreshing shade, especially on hot summer days. Local families often come here for picnics.

Directly in front of the beach, about 200 meters from the shore, there is a small island with a lighthouse. It’s quite possible to swim out to it.

A small note: The Platja de l’Alcanada is often covered with dry seaweed. This is not a flaw. Neptune grass is responsible for the clear waters of the Mediterranean and helps protect against erosion on land.

Es Faralló: Nude Beach

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If you continue past Alcanada along the golf course, you’ll reach this secluded beach called Es Faralló. It’s visited by few tourists but is quite popular among nudists. The bay is mainly composed of stones and gravel.

There are no buildings or services on the beach. A bit further uphill lies the Sa Bassa Blanca Museum, although it cannot be accessed from this side. The rocky coast is worth exploring, both on land and in the water.

Platja des Coll Baix: Virgin Beach

The Platja des Coll Baix is one of the most beautiful beaches near Alcúdia, and also one of the most hidden ones, too. To get here, you either need to approach by sea or hike along the coast. The path can be steep and somewhat hazardous, so sturdy hiking shoes are a must from the outset.

virgin beaches in Mallorca
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Platja des Coll Baix

The beach is surrounded by large rocks, approximately 220 meters long and 50 meters wide. It was formed by a landslide. The most frequent visitors to Coll Baix are seagulls and goats. The latter are known for rummaging through backpacks in search of food.

For a trip to Coll Baix beach, you need to bring everything with you. There are no services on site and no options for food or drinks. Access is via a forest trail leading to a shaded parking area at the Coll Baix hiking lodge, from where the descent to the beach begins.

Beaches in the Bay of Alcúdia

The beaches in the Bay of Alcúdia do not belong to the municipality of Alcúdia, which can be a bit confusing. This bay stretches from the town of Alcúdia to Can Picafort, and it hosts several beaches that are just as accessible as those directly in Alcúdia. That’s why we’ll briefly mention them here as well.

Platja de Muro: Best Family Beach

This is the ultimate family beach and a great choice for everyone, even those without children. The white sand of Platja de Muro stretches for kilometers along the Bay of Alcúdia. The beach is divided into four sectors. The first two are well-maintained and consequently more crowded.

Kinderfreundlicher Strand: Playa de Muro

The third section is natural and often used as a nudist beach. Since this part belongs to the Albufera de Mallorca wetlands nature reserve, everything here is untouched. The final part of Platja de Muro is Es Capellans. Here, you’ll find some buildings, but it’s more authentic and less touristy.

Platja Sa Canova: In a Nature Reserve

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This beach is located at the southern edge of the Bay of Alcúdia and already belongs to Artà. It can be easily reached by car, with a free parking lot available near the beach. Around the dunes, there are numerous archaeological excavation sites. Lilies often grow in the dunes, which can be seen in various places on Mallorca and looks very beautiful.

beaches in Alcúdia

Additionally, Arenal de Sa Canova is popular with nudists. It is listed as an official nudist beach on Mallorca. However, this doesn’t mean you are required to go nude.

Platja de Son Real: With a Necropolis

Son Real is not just a beach but also an estate that was once used for farming. A necropolis from the Mallorcan Bronze Age suggests very early settlement in the area. Whether these ancient Mallorcans enjoyed the beach, we don’t know. But it’s likely, as the landscape here is very beautiful.

Necropolis Son Real

The Son Real beach is untouched and tranquil, located halfway between the major tourist spots of Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina. It consists of fine sand and is less affected by waves compared to other sections in the bay. However, getting there is a bit more challenging. There are two options, both requiring some activity: you can start from the parking lot of the estate on the main road connecting Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina, or you can walk along the coast starting from either of these towns.

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