Great Beaches in Pollença

Imagine this: You’re sitting in a convertible with the wind playing with your hair, and in front of you are breathtaking views of the deep blue sea and the foothills of the Tramuntana. This scene comes from a TV series filmed at one of the beaches in Pollença. Besides the well-known, wide beach, there are also a number of other, hidden coves that I want to introduce to you today.

Beaches in Pollença

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The beaches in Pollença are incredibly diverse. Here you’ll find wide sandy areas and calm coves that are perfect for families, as well as secluded bays and wild, romantic spots for swimming, for those who like a bit more activity. The town has developed over the past few years without losing its original charm. Besides the beautiful beaches, Pollença offers comfortable accommodations and many opportunities for sports and culinary discoveries. Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet or adventure, the beaches in Pollença have the perfect experience and the right beach for everyone.

The Various Beaches in Pollença

At first glance, the town of Pollença might not seem like a destination for a beach holiday. Surrounded by high mountains, lots of farmland, and rich in history. But upon closer inspection, you’ll find a variety of swimming options nearby.

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Platja de Port de Pollença

The spacious, clean beach Platja del Port de Pollença stretches over three kilometers and offers perfect conditions for families with young children. The fine sand and shallow entry into the sea make it an ideal place for swimming. The promenade, lined with palm trees and pines, invites you to take a leisurely stroll and is considered one of the most beautiful on the island.

Port de Pollença
Port de Pollença

Along the promenade, you’ll find numerous restaurants and cafés, and there are areas with rentable sunshades and loungers. South of the marina, the beach is wider and less crowded, perfect for activities like sailing, pedal boating, and kayaking. The section Playa de Llenaire in the south is one of the few official dog-friendly beaches on Mallorca.

The Beaches of Cala Sant Vicenç

Cala Sant Vicenç, a picturesque fishing village, is nestled in an idyllic rocky bay between Pollença and Port de Pollença. The tranquility and stunning natural scenery continually attract new visitors, including many artists inspired by the beauty of the place. With its clear waters and beautiful beaches, the village offers vacationers ideal conditions for a relaxing day by the sea and exciting hikes in the Serra de Tramuntana.

Cala San Vicente

The four beaches in the area are all well-suited for swimming. Cala Molins offers the widest and shallowest beach, making it especially attractive for families with young children. Unfortunately, it is also more developed. Cala Barques, with its adjacent pine forest, has a more natural feel. Overall, all the beaches have clear, clean water, ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports. Water sports enthusiasts can rent kayaks, go diving, and explore the underwater world, including the remains of sunken merchant ships.

The Goat Bay Cala Boquer

Cala Bóquer is a secluded natural beach near Pollença, known for its clear water and unobstructed view of the rocky island Colomer. The beach is framed by high cliffs, providing a stunning backdrop. The bay can only be reached on foot. The clear water invites you to swim, although access over the smooth pebbles and rocks can be a bit challenging.

Cala Bóquer
Cala Bóquer

The bay itself is rocky, without a typical sandy beach, and offers few shady spots. Therefore, it’s not suitable for an entire day at the beach, especially not in the peak of summer. In the off-season, picnics on the beach are worthwhile, but you should keep an eye on your provisions, as Balearic goats roam curiously and often try to get to the food.

Platja de Formentor

The beach Platja de Formentor is nestled in the protected rugged peninsula in northern Mallorca. Surrounded by high mountains and a pine forest that reaches down to the shore, the fine sandy beach offers a tranquil atmosphere. The shallow entry into the clear water makes it particularly child-friendly. An ideal place to enjoy nature and relax.

Beach Platja de Formentor

In the past, celebrities gathered at the Hotel Formentor here, but today numerous yachts anchor in the bay. The beach itself is bustling with young people, families, and locals. Prices for services are relatively high, often without corresponding quality. Access to the beach is restricted and expensive in the summer. Alternatively, you can take the bus or an excursion boat. For more details, read the information on the main beach page linked above.

Cala Murta

Cala Murta is a secluded beach on the Formentor peninsula known for its isolation and natural beauty. Covered in pebbles, the beach is ideal for snorkeling in its waters. Despite the rocky terrain, Cala Murta offers ample space and some comfortable spots. Picnic benches are available for visitors.

Cala Murta Mallorca
Cala Murta at Cap de Formentor

Access to the beach is through private property where donkeys roam freely, hence dogs are not allowed. There are no specific facilities at the beach itself. The surrounding vegetation and the opportunity to explore nearby rocks add to the beach’s appeal. For longer stays in the summer, swim shoes and a sunshade are recommended.

Cala Figuera de Formentor

Cala Figuera de Formentor is not your typical summer bathing beach; it’s too rough and rocky here. However, the bay is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of northern Mallorca. Access is somewhat challenging: first, the already restricted access in summer, and then the somewhat rugged descent.

Cala Figuera de Formentor
Cala Figuera de Formentor

Despite its somewhat remote access, the beach rewards its guests with crystal-clear water and an impressive rocky backdrop. The rocky bottom makes it an ideal spot for snorkeling, but swim shoes are recommended to protect against possible sea urchins.

Beaches Near Pollença

We are now leaving the immediate area of Pollença and exploring a few swimming options nearby, primarily around Alcúdia and on the La Victoria peninsula.

The Beaches Platja Sant Pere and Platja Sant Joan

Located near Alcúdia in the urbanization Mal Pas, the beaches of Platja Sant Pere and Platja Sant Joan offer sandy and rocky sections, ideal for swimming and exploring. During the summer, there is a small bar, lifeguards, and umbrellas available. Parking at the beach is limited, so it’s worth arriving early. The views of the Bay of Pollença and the clear water make these beaches popular destinations for both locals and tourists.

Sant Pere Alcudia
Sant Joan Alcúdia

Next to the marina of Mal Pas lies Platja Sant Pere, a sandy beach approximately one hundred meters long. It is surrounded by rocks, and the water is very clean and clear. During the peak season, there is a beach bar, and you can rent umbrellas and beach chairs. A lifeguard ensures safety, making the beach particularly attractive for families with young children.

The Natural Beach Platja des Coll Baix

Located at the eastern end of the La Victoria peninsula, Platja des Coll Baix is surrounded by high mountains and offers plenty of space even in the peak of summer. However, reaching it requires a bit of adventurous spirit. You can drive quite close by car, but the road is partly bumpy and narrow. From the parking area, a hiking trail through the pine forest leads to the beach, passing through unpaved and rocky sections. Alternatively, in summer, you can take an excursion boat directly to the beach.

coll baix mallorca

Platja des Coll Baix is not your typical bathing beach. The 220-meter-wide lying area consists of coarse sand that heats up significantly in summer. The water is clear but quickly gets deep and can be choppy depending on the weather. Snorkeling is more feasible around the rocky edges. The beach is also home to many Balearic goats, which are often curious and a bit assertive.

Platja d’Alcanada

The beach Platja de l’Alcanada is located right next to the Alcanada Golf Course, just three kilometers from the port. The small pebble beach has clean, clear, and calm water, making it ideal for a day at the beach. A small pine forest surrounds the beach, providing shade on hot summer days. Local families often use the beach for picnicking and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

About 200 meters from the shore is a small island with a lighthouse that you can swim to. A small note: the beach is often covered with dry seaweed. This Neptune seagrass is responsible for the clear water of the Mediterranean and protects the beach from erosion.

Platja d’Alcúdia

The main beach among the many beaches in Alcúdia, Platja d’Alcúdia, is one of the busiest beaches in Mallorca. Despite its popularity, it doesn’t feel as crowded as other tourist hotspots, with few tall buildings and plenty of pine and palm trees lining the beach. Stretching over three kilometers, the beach offers ample space even during peak season. The water is shallow and the beach is very clean, making it ideal for families with young children.

Beaches in Alcudia
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The beach is divided into two sections. The first section starts at the Port d’Alcúdia harbor and runs parallel to the promenade. This area is always bustling with many hotels, beach bars, and water sports rentals. It gets quieter as you move towards Ciudad Blanca, where you’ll find the famous pier into the sea and can enjoy more natural surroundings. Here, you’ll also find many options for boat tours, such as the popular sunrise dolphin tour. If you’re arriving by car, you can park in one of the many side streets. However, finding parking may take a bit longer during the peak season.

Platja de Muro

And finally, the beach Playa de Muro, one of the most popular family beaches in Mallorca. The 5.5-kilometer-long beach offers shallow water, making it ideal for young children. Despite its touristy surroundings, the beach remains spacious and natural. Near the beach, there are many activities and excursion options, allowing you to diversify your vacation. The beach is easily accessible and provides parking, as well as a variety of restaurants and playgrounds.

Playa de Muro
Platja de Muro.

The Playa de Muro is divided into four sections. The first two sectors are well-developed with many facilities such as beach bars, playgrounds, and water sports opportunities. Here you will also find a pier where excursion boats dock for dolphin exploration tours. Further south begins the dune area of Es Comú, which is part of the Albufera Nature Park and is less touristy. The southernmost part, Es Capellans, is quieter and more authentic, with some beach bars and local restaurants.

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