The Best Nude Beaches in Mallorca

Nudism in Mallorca is practiced not only by tourists but also by many locals. Not all beaches are equally suitable for it. Some are real nudist spots, while others are more hidden gems. On some beaches, nudism is not allowed. In this post, I present you a selection of the best nude beaches in Mallorca.

best nude beaches in Mallorca

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The most important question: Is nudism allowed in Mallorca? Yes, but it’s not welcomed everywhere. The nudist culture in Spain is still very young, and not all locals are thrilled to encounter a naked person. This is why some beaches in Mallorca are better suited for nudism than others. To help you avoid any awkward situations, I’ll share some beautiful beaches and coves where nudism is perfectly acceptable.

Some Historical Facts

Naturism in Spain began in the early 20th century, but the civil war and the ensuing dictatorship brought nudism to a halt. Even after Franco died and Spain became a democracy, it took several more years before nudism was no longer prohibited.

nudism in mallorca

Until the 1980s, nudism was considered a public nuisance under Spanish criminal law, even though such charges were becoming increasingly rare. However, a significant incident occurred in 1983. At a beach in Galicia, 14 nudists were arrested after a confrontation with local residents escalated.

This led to the formation of the nudist movement Tetiñas Free (Free Nipples), which advocated for the legalization of nudism. Since 1989, nudism has been officially permitted. The Congress of Deputies almost unanimously abolished the criminal offense. Since then, nudism is allowed on all Spanish beaches, at least in theory.

In reality, many municipalities enacted local regulations that stated the opposite. Legally, these regulations are not correct, and even the European Court of Justice got involved. Nudism is legal in Spain.

Nudism Restrictions 2024

In June 2023, there was an uproar in the local press: the municipality of Ses Salines passed a regulation to ban nudism. Nude bathers there could face fines of up to 750 euros. Initially, it was assumed that the ban would apply to all beaches in the municipality. However, after continued criticism, it was revised: the nudism ban only applies to two beaches in the resort town of Colònia de Sant Jordi, namely Es Port Beach and Cala Galiota Cove, both located within the town area. The beaches outside the town are not affected. The new regulation also bans smoking on these specified beaches.

The Best Nude Beaches in Mallorca

We all know that not everything legal is always ideal. There are some beaches where nudism is theoretically possible but practically unfeasible. This could be because the beach is too close to urban areas or simply too crowded to be enjoyable. Here are the beaches that are perfect for nudism in Mallorca.

Coll Baix: Rugged Cove

The natural beach Platja des Coll Baix is located seven kilometers east of Alcúdia and is the only natural beach in the municipality. The beach was formed after a landslide and consists of pebbles and gray sand, with the sea shimmering crystal clear. Nudism can be practiced here without any concerns.

Coll Baix
Platja des Coll Baix

Coll Baix is accessible via a dirt road from Alcúdia. The road ends at a parking lot near a hiking hut. From there, it takes about 20 minutes over very rough terrain. You’ll need sturdy shoes and a bit of stamina.

Es Comú at Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro is a popular vacation spot and one of the longest beaches in Mallorca. In the summer, it can get very crowded in some areas, making much of the beach not ideal for nudism.

Mallorca mit Kindern: Playa de Muro

However, the section known as Es Comú, a natural beach area, is popular and well-known for nudism.

S’Arenal de Sa Canova in the Bay of Alcúdia

Sa Canova is located at the southern end of the Bay of Alcúdia and belongs to the municipality of Artà. The beach is 1800 meters long and 30 meters wide, consisting of pebbles and sand, and can be reached by car. There is a parking lot nearby.

A unique feature of this location is the numerous archaeological sites that surround it. Also notable is the dune vegetation, where many sea lilies grow.

Platja Son Real near Can Picafort

Under the name Son Real, you will find a public estate, a necropolis, and a beach, all about 12 kilometers from Can Picafort. The beach is untouched, quiet, and consists of fine sand. The Son Real necropolis is also located nearby.

necropolis Son Real

Son Real is accessible from the coast between Son Serra de Marina and Can Picafort. Alternatively, you can take the country road that connects the two towns and park at the estate’s parking lot. From there, follow the marked paths to the beach.

Cala Matzoc

This nudist beach is also situated in Artà. It consists of pebbles, is 80 meters long, and is usually very empty. This is due to the complicated access route. First, you need to head towards Cala Torta. The road is unpaved in the last section and not drivable by car. You should park at the junction at the latest.

Cala Torta

From there, take the left path initially leading to Cala Mitjana. Before reaching the beach, a dirt road passes through dense bushes directly into the bay. Without local knowledge, this path is challenging to find. A slightly longer but safer route is along the coast from Cala Mitjana. You’ll reach the beach in about 20 minutes.

Cala Mitjana near Cala Torta

Both Cala Torta and the neighboring Cala Mitjana are popular nudist beaches in Mallorca. Both are natural, without any amenities. As mentioned earlier, getting there is a bit adventurous as the final stretch of the road is unpaved and cannot be driven by regular cars.

Strand Cala Torta

The best parking option is at the junction. From there, you take the right path to Cala Torta and the left path to Cala Mitjana. The beaches are connected by a coastal footpath and can be reached in about ten minutes.

Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida is a family-friendly resort in Capdepera. Nudism is allowed on the entire beach. However, nudists tend to gather more at the eastern end of the bay, away from the urbanization. The beach is 300 meters long and 130 meters wide, providing plenty of space that is often utilized in the summer.

Characteristic of Cala Mesquida is the protected dune landscape behind the beach, with a wooden walkway spanning from one side of the bay to the other. Popular hikes start here to Torre Jaumell, which overlooks the beach.

Cala Moltó near Cala Ratjada

Cala Moltó is located a bit off the beaten path near the very popular beach Cala Agulla in Cala Ratjada. You can park directly at Cala Agulla. From there, it’s about a ten-minute walk through a nature reserve, passing by the headland, to reach the bay.

Cala Molto, Cala Agulla, Cala Ratjada

The sunbathing area here is mostly rocky, which means not too many people settle here even in summer. However, the water is all the clearer and boasts a blue hue that is only found in a few places in Mallorca.

Cala Varques

Cala Varques often makes headlines. First, because a hippie commune lived in the caves on the beach for a long time. Then later, because an illegal bar owner simply refused to vacate the premises. And getting there used to be easier. The former access path from the main road goes through private property. As the number of visitors increased, residents started barricading their properties.

Naturstrand Cala Varques

Legally, you can only reach Cala Varques along the coast from Cales de Mallorca or Cala Romantica. However, those who prefer a more guerrilla approach can also climb over the walls and through the wire fences. It’s just not the best example for the younger ones.

Despite all the effort it takes to get there, the beach itself is always crowded in summer. Slightly to the right lies a smaller sandy cove where you can enjoy a bit more privacy. Nudism can be practiced without any concerns at the main beach as well.

Platja d’Es Carbó

The beach Platja Es Carbó is located about five kilometers east of Colonia de Sant Jordi. There is no direct access road. Those who want to go there must first walk along the coast for about 20 minutes from the port. However, once there, you’ll find it relatively secluded, especially in the early morning hours.

Beach Es Carbo

There is an island offshore, which you can easily swim to. There, you’ll find a small beach where you can indulge in nudism even more privately. Only occasionally do paddleboard surfers or kayakers pass by.

Playa de Es Perengons Petits

Es Pegerons Petit and Es Pegerons Gran are two beach sections marking the end of the beaches of Colonia de Sant Jordi and the beginning of Es Trenc beach. The smaller of the two (petit) is popular among nudist enthusiasts.

Colonia de Sant Jordi

You can reach the beach from Colonia Sant Jordi. The best parking options are near the salt flats, at the western end of the town. Most parking spaces here are paid and fill up quickly in summer. From there, walk along the sea for about 15 minutes until you reach Playa Es Pegeron Petit after a rocky headland.

Playa Es Trenc

Wide white sandy stretches and clear blue water – that’s what Playa Es Trenc is known for. Unfortunately, it’s always very crowded in summer. And since the beach is a natural one, seaweed remains until it’s washed away by the sea again. This means that at times, there’s brown grass on the beach and along the shoreline.

Strand Es Trenc

Nudists usually seek more secluded spots in the middle of the beach. While some people also pass by in search of suitable sunbathing areas, it’s quieter than directly at Ses Covetes or at the parking lot behind the salt flats.

You can arrive via these two points. You can park closer to the beach behind the salt flats, but the parking lot is limited. In Ses Covetes, the parking lots are further from the beach, so you’ll have to walk more. All parking lots are paid.

Playa de S’Arenal de Sa Rápita

As it often gets crowded at Es Trenc, many people opt for the beach s’Arenal de Sa Rápita located west of Ses Covetes. Although it’s not as expansive and the sand is coarser to rocky, there’s a bit more space available.

For parking, you’ll also need to use the paid parking areas outside of the town here and walk a bit. Alternatively, you can also travel directly from the port town Sa Rápita. However, parking there isn’t any easier either.

Caló d’en Monjo

Hidden in a pine forest and nestled in a narrow cove lies the beach Caló d’en Monjo near Cala Fornells. There are very few sandy areas here. You’ll have to choose between the coarse pebbles right by the sea and the pine needle carpet under the trees. There are plenty of natural shaded spots available.

Caló d'en Monjo
Strand Caló d'en Monjo

To get there, you’ll need to walk a bit. The most convenient parking is behind the hotel in Cala Fornells. The road ends there, and a hiking trail begins. Instead of following the markings for the hike to Cap d’Andritxol, turn left toward the beach. You’ll circumvent the bay and then descend through the forest.

Cala Portals Vells

Portals Vells is eight kilometers from Magaluf. The bay consists of three beaches, among which Playa des Mago is particularly used as a nudist beach. The beach owes its name to a film shoot. “The Magician” with Anthony Quinn and Michael Caine was filmed here.

Portals Vells Mallorca

Interestingly, Playa des Mago was also the first beach in the municipality of Calvià to be officially declared a nudist beach. This makes it the very first nudist beach on the island. The neighboring beach, Playa del Rei, is also frequently used for nudism nowadays.

Platja de Llucalcari

This beach is officially known as Playa Es Canyeret. It is located in a small, secluded cove near Cala Deià. From there, you would have to start a small hike to get there. Or you can take the bus, which stops directly in Llucalcari. However, there is still a bit of a walk downhill to the sea.

Es Canyaret: Strand in Llucalcari

What makes this cove special are the many fig trees growing around it, with one even right on the beach. Additionally, there’s a freshwater spring that flows all year round. This keeps the clay soil moist. Many people take advantage of this for healing mud baths. Es Canyeret is part of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and is under nature protection.

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