The Cala Llombards Beach in Mallorca

In 2022, The New York Times labeled the Cala Llombards beach as a true hidden gem. However, they’re a bit late to the party on the other side of the Atlantic. Many have known for a while that the sandy cove in Santanyí is fantastic. Without large hotel complexes amidst picturesque rocks, the beach is ideal for families and anyone looking to spend a special day at the beach.

The Cala Llombards Beach in Mallorca

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This small cove with a sandy beach in the southeast of Mallorca belongs to the municipality of Santanyí and is an idyllic place without major tourist development. The beach of Cala Llombards is deeply nestled between cliffs but at the same time is characterized by a fine, gently sloping sandy beach. It’s especially popular among families who seek neither the bustling crowds nor complete seclusion. We have been living in Cala Llombards for many years and therefore know the beach like the back of our hand. Here you will find a brief overview of the area, what you can do on and around the beach, and where you can park best.

What is there to see at Cala Llombards Beach?

The town of Cala Llombards was originally a single estate. The Finca Son Amer, commemorated by some street names, has a long-standing tradition. It was only with the advent of tourism that the farmhouse evolved into a holiday settlement, which, however, managed to maintain a tranquil character over the years.

sunrise at the cala llombards beach in mallorca
beach Cala Llombards

General Data

The oldest buildings in the area are mostly holiday homes, erected by city dwellers from the 1960s onwards and now also rented out to foreign tourists. The town is very quiet in winter. However, in summer, the situation completely changes. Due to its proximity to the highly sought-after Caló des Moro, Cala Llombards also becomes lively. So much so that there is live music on the beach in the evenings.

Administratively, Cala Llombards belongs to the municipality of Santanyí but enjoys the status of an independent settlement. The beach is the mouth of the wild stream Son Amer. In the summer, you don’t notice it. But in winter, after heavy rains, it is not uncommon for the beach, where tourists sunbathe in the summer, and the associated parking lot to be submerged under water.

Furthermore, the parking lot at Cala Llombards is situated on a dune, so it is not paved, just sandy. After heavy rains, it can sometimes be impassable. There is also currently discussion about completely closing the parking lot for conservation reasons. Parking in Cala Llombards will then become considerably more difficult.

A Beach for Families

Cala Llombards‘ Beach is ideal for families. While all the trendy and stylish folks park at the entrance to the town to pilgrimage to Caló des Moro or Cala s’Almunia, the family cars loaded with inflatable mattresses and sand toys head down to the beach.

The cove isn’t very large, only about 55 meters wide. This is actually advantageous because even if the kids run from one side of the beach to the other, they always remain within sight of their parents. Additionally, the beach slopes very gently into the water. If the wind is right, the water is calm, clear, and there are no jellyfish.

family beach Cala Llombards
Cala Llombards

In terms of accessibility, there has been a pier for several years now that extends almost to the water. In addition to sun loungers and umbrellas, there are also showers and toilets available. A few years ago, the tenant of the beach bar changed. Previously, many guests complained about the high prices. The new operator not only made several visual changes but also revamped the entire menu and improved the value for money.

The beach bar has now gained a certain cult status among the locals and is considered one of the best beach bars in Mallorca. During the summer months, they gather early in the morning and later in the evening for sunset, enjoying leisure time on the beach without bathers.

Beach Services

Cala Llombards is naturally suitable for all other guests as well. While there are no showers at this sandy beach, there is almost every other tourist comfort available. Between May and October, there are toilets directly on the beach and lifeguards who ensure the safety of bathers.

Cala Llombards Parking

The beach bar is also only open during these months and, like the toilets, is dismantled for the off-season. The same goes for the sun loungers and umbrellas, which can be rented during the peak season. Particularly convenient: a small safe is attached to the sun umbrella.

Accessibility is also considered for people with limited mobility at Cala Llombards. The beach is wheelchair accessible, at least in the summer when the pier is laid from the parking lot to the sea. Additionally, there is a wheelchair substitute available at the water’s edge, making it easier to get into the water.

Water Sports & other Activities at Cala Llombards

There aren’t as many water sports options in Cala Llombards as elsewhere, but considering the size of the beach, there are still quite a few. And even outside the water, there is plenty to see. So, a day at the beach is anything but boring.

Cliff Jumping

The bay is bordered on both sides by cliffs. If lounging in the sand gets boring, a little adventure tour is worth it. On the right side, there is a boat dock. From there, brave children can jump into the water and climb out using a small ladder.

Cala Llombards activities

Older children and adults can jump into the sea on the left side of the bay. The cliffs there are significantly higher. Additionally, there is no way to climb out of the water directly from there. You’ll have to swim back to the beach.

Snorkeling in Cala Llombards

There are some spots where Cala Llombards is listed as one of the most beautiful beaches for snorkeling in Mallorca. This is always a matter of personal preference and also depends on the situation, but it’s definitly not our favorite. While you can see fish along the sides, near the cliffs, and in front of the boat garages, when the weather is good for swimming, it’s generally too crowded for fish to be easily spotted.

Cala Llombards

Much better conditions for snorkeling near Cala Llombards can be found at the neighboring Caló des Macs or directly at the rock formation known as Es Pontàs. I will provide more detailed information about both places in the following.

Excursions with Stand Up Paddleboards

We’ve been caught up in the stand-up paddleboarding craze for a few years now. There are numerous fantastic SUP tours in Mallorca, but none are as beautiful as the one between our local beaches, Cala Santanyí and Cala Llombards.

Nowadays, you can also rent some SUP boards at Cala Llombards, and you should definitely take advantage of this, even if you paddle around sitting rather than standing. It’s a pretty great option, especially with children. Plus, the distance to the neighboring beach, Cala Santanyí, is more than manageable.

Stand Up Paddle  Cala Llombards
Stand Up Paddle Cala Llombards

On the way there, you’ll pass by Caló des Macs. Just shortly after, there’s another cove, accessible only by sea, which is our favorite spot for snorkeling. Soon after, you’ll reach the natural monument Es Pontàs, which you can paddle through. Just be careful, as some areas are not very deep.

If you still feel like it, you can paddle into Cala Santanyí. And if you have the energy afterward, you can also visit Caló des Moro and Cala S’Almunia in the opposite direction. The best conditions for paddling are early in the day. Later, the sea gets a bit rougher.

Kayaking & Pedal Boat Riding

At the same place where they rent out SUPs, you can also find pedal boats and a kayak available for rent. If you’re unsure about stand-up paddling with children, then pedal boating might be a better option for you. These boats come with slides but are a bit more difficult to steer.

Things to Do in and Around Cala Llombards

If you’re in Cala Llombards, perhaps even for your entire vacation, you shouldn’t miss out on some nearby attractions. While there are no historical buildings or culturally significant artifacts here, you’ll find the most beautiful natural landscape on the southeast coast with caves, karst formations, and some of the island’s most popular beaches.

The Natural Monument Es Pontàs and Other Viewpoints

If you want to do more than just being in the water, you can embark on some small exploration tours. To the right of the beach, you’ll find a staircase. If you keep to the left up there, you’ll reach the Mirador Es Pontàs, an observation platform with an unobstructed view of the rock bridge Es Pontàs.

Insider Tip: Es Pontàs was part of a cave, which can still be found behind the rock and visited with some climbing skills. We explain the way there in our treasure hunt in Cala Santanyí.

Es Pontàs in Cala Llombards

You can also visit the rock formation itself. To do this, walk up the stairs on the left side of Cala Llombards. A short gravel path leads to an asphalt road, which you follow. At an intersection, turn right towards Cala Santanyi / Platja, but don’t go to the beach; instead, keep right until you reach a dirt path. This path will lead you to the viewpoint above Es Pontàs.

Es Pontàs, literally translated as “the bridge,” is a geological rock formation with mythical significance. It’s an impressive example of what the sea and waves are capable of. Especially early in the morning, when the sun rises, the view from up there is breathtaking.

Exploring the Caves in Caló des Macs

Halfway between Cala Llombards and Es Pontàs lies Caló des Macs, a small rocky cove with its own cave. After walking up the stairs from Cala Llombards, immediately after the left turn, you’ll find a rocky dirt path leading down through bushes and shrubs. Alternatively, you can walk directly along the cliffs, but there are exactly two spots where it gets a bit tricky.

Santanyi Mallorca Calo des Macs
Santanyi Mallorca Calo des Macs
Santanyi Mallorca Calo des Macs

This cove is interesting if you’re looking for an exciting exploration tour away from the tourists. Here, you’ll mainly find locals and dog owners who have limited options for official dog beaches in Mallorca. For snorkeling and swimming, it’s advisable to bring swim shoes. On the left side behind the cave, there’s a small platform with stairs where you can easily jump into the water.

Dream Beaches: Calo des Moro & S’Almunia

Both coves are a dream, but our recommendation comes with a caveat. The bathing cove Caló des Moro and the bay Cala s’Almunia with the boat garages are simply too crowded in the summer months. Additionally, the sandy areas have disappeared, and the sea level has risen. As a quick stop, the area is very nice, but for a day at the beach or in the water, both coves are rather unsuitable.

Caló des Moro Mallorca
Cala s'Almunia

Since we live nearby, we only visit the two coves in the summer very early. The rather tense parking situation also speaks for this approach. By noon, there are often no parking spaces left, and consequently, there is little space directly on the beaches.

At Cala S’Almunia, too, people tend to crowd later in the day. Additionally, there is no sandy area there. While the cove is a dream for snorkeling and makes for a great photo opportunity with its picturesque boat garages, if you truly want to see it empty, you’ll have to arrive early.

Dining Options at the Beach and in the Town

During the summer, there’s a small bar operated on the beach where you can also enjoy sitting and eating in the evenings. The bar Sa Torre, further up the main street in the town, offers small snacks, hamburgers, and sandwiches. Right next to it, there’s a small hotel with a restaurant.

Up the street from the bar, there’s a small supermarket where you can purchase essential groceries and plenty of souvenirs. Additionally, they offer takeaway sandwiches (bocadillos or bocatas).

Camping on Llombards Beach

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In recent years, more and more vacationers have been staying in motorhomes and campers at the parking lot in Cala Llombards. This August, when we set off for a paddle tour before sunrise, we counted a total of 18 vans and campers. Legally, this is a gray area. Officially, camping is not allowed in Mallorca. However, it is tolerated as long as the vehicle only parks, meaning no awnings are set up or camping furniture blocks other parking spaces.

However, especially in Cala Llombards, the parking situation has become increasingly tense in recent years. With more campers arriving, it’s only a matter of time before restrictions are imposed.

Parking in Cala Llombards

Around 400 people live in Cala Llombards year-round. However, during the summer months, several thousand cars pass through the small town each day. It has long exceeded its capacity, which is why a large parking lot was opened at the entrance to the town a few years ago. Due to legal uncertainties, it is currently only open at 50%.

All streets in the Cala s’Almunia urbanization and about 20 streets in the town of Cala Llombards are only passable for residents between May and October. This is clearly indicated by one-way signs with the word ACIRE. Passing through and parking on these streets is fined with 80 euros. Since parking in Cala Llombards remains difficult for residents despite these measures, a new system is being discussed for 2023.

Parking in Cala Llombards

Parking in Cala Llombards is still difficult this year, but the aforementioned regulations are not in effect for the time being. Parking is allowed wherever there are no signs or lines prohibiting it. Read more about parking and fines in Mallorca.

The parking lot directly at the beach is currently still open but is planned to be closed. This decision is due to the fact that it is located on the protected dune, which belongs to the beach and therefore cannot be used as a parking lot for conservation reasons.

In Brief

  • Beach Type: Sandy beach, 150 meters long, 55 meters wide.
  • Lifeguards: Available in summer from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Food and Drink: A small beach bar on the beach. Another bar and a supermarket are available in the town.
  • Sun Loungers: Available for a fee. Includes two loungers with umbrella and safe.
  • Playground: A modern playground with petanque, basketball, and football field with artificial turf is located in the upper part of the town.
  • Stroller Access: A small ramp facilitates access to the water.
  • Restrooms: Available in summer.
  • Parking: There is a free parking lot directly at the beach. Another parking lot is available at the entrance to the town, directly at the roundabout. Limited parking is available in the side streets.
  • Bus: During summer, the TIB 517 line runs from Campos via Colonia Sant Jordi with a detour to Cala Llombards. This stop is only available between May and October.
  • Nearby Attractions: Cala Figuera, Mondragó Natural Park, Consolación Chapel.

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