Cala Romantica: Beach & Family Resort

On Mallorcas East Coast, family-friendly beaches seamlessly line up. A highly popular holiday destination with a kid-friendly beach is Cala Romantica, featuring the S’Estany d’en Mas beach. In addition to the clean, wide beach, you’ll find ample tourist infrastructure and many opportunities for a memorable vacation.

Cala Romantica

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The bay is framed on both sides by high cliffs and dense pine forests. The beach is expansive and covered with fine sand. The entry into the sea is very shallow, making the beach ideal for young children. Due to the narrow bay, there are also few waves near the shore. However, the beauty extends beyond the beach. There is much to discover around Cala Romantica.

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What is the correct name of the bay?

There is often confusion when referring to Cala Romantica, and then S’Estany d’en Mas is signposted. Cala means bay and applies to both the sea and the land side. The town is also called Cala Romantica. The beach itself, specifically the sandy area on the seaside, is named S’Estany d’en Mas and is located in the bay of Cala Romantica. Quite straightforward, isn’t it?

cala romantica

Regardless: Locals will know where you want to go. Don’t let the various signposts make you nervous. All roads lead to the sea.

Getting to Cala Romantica

Administratively, the town of Cala Romantica belongs to the municipality of Manacor, the largest town in eastern Mallorca and the economic center of the region. The town is reachable in about an hour from Palma Airport. In the immediate vicinity are other popular holiday areas, such as Porto Cristo, Cala Anguila, and Cala Mendina.

Cala Romantica Beach

There are only a few hotels in Cala Romantica, but a variety of small houses and vacation apartments hug the north coast of the bay. The southern cliffside remains undeveloped.

The town has a single access road that branches off the main road connecting Cales de Mallorca and Porto Cristo. There is a small parking lot right at the beach. Additionally, parking is available in the side streets of the urbanization. In the summer, the town can be reached by bus using line 416, which goes to Cales de Mallorca.

Sights & Activities in Cala Romantica

Not only interested in lounging on the beach? Although that’s the main reason many visitors choose to come here, there are still several things you can do directly in the area or nearby.

Relaxing on the beach

Most visitors surely come to Cala Romantica for its beach. Families, in particular, find perfect conditions here with the shallow entry into the sea and the clean sandy beach. The turquoise blue water is almost obligatory.

the beach of cala romantica

In the summer, the tourist infrastructure is very well-developed. Sun umbrellas and loungers are available for rent, and a ramp for barrier-free access is set up. Lifeguards keep an eye on the safety of bathers during the summer.

Right on the beach, there is a restaurant and a small bar. Further into the town, you can find cafés and a small supermarket.

Paddle Boating on the Sea

Regarding water sports, Cala Romantica has relatively little to offer due to the limited space in the bay. Only a paddle boat rental is available in the summer. Additionally, the southern cliffs are suitable for snorkeling.

Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

Glass-bottom boats operate throughout Mallorca and are one of the most affordable ways to take a boat trip. From Cala Romantica, the boat heads towards Cala Varques and Porto Cristo. There are pure boat tours, those with a swimming stop, and others with extended stays. You can book them here.

Hiking: From Cala Romantica to Cala Varques

We will talk about Cala Varques separately as the approach and parking there are a significant and sometimes controversial topic. A much more stress-free option is a short hike from Cala Romantica to Cala Varques.

stone arc at Cala Varques

The trail itself is not particularly scenic. Once on the rocky plateau, it goes over very rugged, challenging terrain and sometimes through dense undergrowth, mostly following the coastline. Notably, we encountered a significant number of tortoises during our hike. Sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere, they were right in front of us. So, be cautious not to step on them.

On the way from Cala Romantica to Cala Varques, you’ll also pass the Es Caló Blanc rock arch, a very popular photo spot and one of the most fascinating rock arches in Mallorca. Below it there is a cave.

pirate cave at cala varques

A bit further ahead, hidden away, is the Cave of the Pirates (cova des pirates). Until recently, it was possible to enter the cave. However, due to the inappropriate behavior of some individuals, an iron gate now blocks the entrance.

Other excursions near Cala Romantica

Caves in Porto Cristo

Tickets: Admission to Cuevas del Hams
Combo Ticket: Admission and Transfer to Drach Caves

In total, there are five developed stalactite caves in Mallorca, two of which are in proximity to Cala Romantica. Both the Drach Caves (Cuevas del Drach) and the Hams Caves (Cuevas del Hams) are just a short drive from the holiday destination.

Caves Cuevas del Drach Mallorca

The Cuevas del Drach are renowned for having the largest underground lake in Europe and classical concerts performed within. The conclusion of each tour includes a boat ride across this lake. In the summer, bus line 416 travels to Porto Cristo, with a stop located directly at the Cuevas del Drach.

Dinosaur Park Dinosaurland

Combo Tickets: Online tickets for visiting caves and the Dino Park

Next to the Cuevas del Hams in Porto Cristo, Dinosaur park Dinosaurland opened in the summer of 2022. Over 100 life-sized dinosaurs can be admired there, with some featuring mechanics for movement and emitting sounds.

dinosaur parc in porto cristo
Dinosaurland: theme parc mallorca

Within the 12,000 square meters of the park, there’s not only the opportunity to see dinosaurs but also an archaeological excavation site and various play areas, all centered around dinosaurs.

Rafael Nadal Tennis Museum

Online Tickets: Buy them here

Mallorca’s most famous athlete hails from Manacor and has never left his hometown despite his global success. Instead, he has established a tennis academy, which includes the Rafa Nadal Museum XPerience. Here, not only are his sports trophies and personal memorabilia exhibited, but homage is also paid to other sports enthusiasts.

Rafa Nadal Museum XPerience

Far more exciting is the interactive section at the beginning of the exhibition, where all visitors can try out various sports using virtual reality glasses. Naturally, you can play tennis against the professional himself, but also try skiing, rowing, and Formula 1.

Manacor can also be reached from Cala Romantica, at least in the summer, using bus 416.

Restaurants and Hotels in Cala Romantica

Near the beach, there’s the small beach bar Petit Bar and a restaurant. In the bar, live music is sometimes featured on summer evenings. The restaurant serves Mediterranean dishes and tapas. Paella can also be ordered.

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In contrast to other vacation spots, Cala Romantica has only a few hotels, but many vacation apartments and houses, with many within walking distance to the beach. You can find vacation apartments here.

Hotel accommodations in Cala Romantica include Sol Romantica, Club Hotel Romantica, and Blau Punta Reina Resort. Particularly, the hotels from the Sol and Blau chains are known for being especially family-friendly and a great choice for a vacation with children.

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