Majorca in April: Best Activities for Spring on Mallorca

Majorca in April is a special time. Easter brings a sense of tradition and religious celebrations to the island. The weather starts to warm up, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. Picture the island adorned in shades of green, with flowers in full bloom everywhere you look. It’s a refreshing and inviting scene. And if you’re feeling bold, maybe take the opportunity for a dip in the sea – the first one of the season. Mallorca’s spring is all about simple pleasures and the great outdoors.

Majorca in April

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The most significant event for the locals in Majorca in April is Semana Santa, the Holy Week. It is steeped in many deeply rooted religious traditions and is not primarily intended for tourists. However, visitors are welcome to observe. Speaking of tourists, April marks the beginning of the season. Around the Easter holidays, the island sees an influx of visitors. The weather is usually pleasantly spring-like, although it may occasionally turn a bit wet. For every weather condition, we have suitable excursions lined up for you.

How is the Weather in April on Mallorca?

The weather on Mallorca in April is characterized by an average temperature of 15º Celsius. However, this figure can be deceiving. Temperatures above 20 degrees are not uncommon and very welcome. While there may be a bit more rain than in March, these showers are typically intense but brief. The island enjoys almost ten hours of sunshine per day during this time.

Activities on Mallorca in April

Despite this, the sun has not yet regained its summery strength. Evenings experience a significant cool down, attributed to the frequent rainfall. Only the most resilient dare to venture into the sea in April. However, the Mediterranean, having cooled significantly during the winter, takes a few more weeks to reach a comfortable temperature.

The Best Excursions in Mallorca During Spring

In April, active holidaymakers can still find plenty to enjoy. Both hiking and cycling are viable options and, thanks to the weather conditions, relatively safe to plan. Beach outings are also possible, although the water might still be a bit chilly for a swim. However, that depends on each individual’s tolerance for cold. Here are a few more tips for activities you can undertake on Mallorca in April:

A Treasure Hunt through Palma

Find out more: Scavenger Hunt in Palma.

Our kids aren’t too thrilled about traditional city tours, so we decided to add some excitement by creating a scavenger hunt. This playful adventure takes you to the main attractions while sharing amusing stories from Mallorca’s folklore.

Scavenger Hunt in Palma

Discover the capital: My tips for Palma de Mallorca with kids.

The concept gained such popularity in the German versions that there are now multiple scavenger hunts, some of which run seamlessly through a dedicated app. Currently, only our classic tour through Palma’s old town is available in English, accessible both in the traditional format and through the convenience of the app. Find out more about this fun way to discover the capital.

Excursions in April: Hiking with Kids

On Mallorca, there are mountains, rugged coastlines, castles, caves, and, of course, beaches. All of this can be easily explored with children on short, simple hiking tours. As a family, we’re often on the move, sharing these adventures with you. Over the years, we’ve accumulated so many excursions that they could fill an entire book. And even that wouldn’t be enough.

Hiking on Mallorca in Spring

If you’re uncertain or don’t need a whole book, then check out the landing page for the topic hiking on Mallorca. There, we recommend some tours and provide you with a small e-book for a sneak peek.

Spring Activity: Cycling

In April, you’ll notice professional cycling teams speeding along the country roads and amateur athletes struggling up the mountains. That’s not really our thing. Instead, we’ve scrutinized the somewhat less kid-friendly cycling network of the island.

Cycling on Mallorca in April

In doing so, we’ve only identified four longer bike tours that we consider suitable for younger children. By the way, bike trailers are not allowed in Spain.

Beach Strolls & Splashy Fun

No matter how cold or bad the weather, the beach is always an option. And since it’s not cold in Mallorca in April, a beach visit is undoubtedly on your agenda. With so many beaches on Mallorca, we’ve organized them into several subpages for you.

beach outings on mallorca in april

On the one hand, we’ve picked out seven beaches that are particularly well-suited for families with younger children. Then there are the beaches where you can snorkel. Or small coves away from the main beaches in Palma. Of course, secluded virgin beaches are also featured. And where there’s a beach, there’s often a beach bar. So, we should definitely mention those too.

The Most Beautiful Picnic Spots

There are numerous picnic areas on Mallorca, frequently visited by locals, especially during the winter months. These spots are equipped with picnic benches, and many even feature a small fire pit or grill for barbecue activities (though only between November and April due to the risk of wildfires).

activities on mallorca in april

These so-called areas recreativas are situated in scenic areas, frequently close to well-known hiking spots. It’s worth taking a look at the main page because a visit to one of these picnic areas can be combined with a hike or simply serve as an excursion into nature.

Blooming & Blossoming

For me, the quintessence of spring in Mallorca is the fields where wild daisies and poppies grow. If you’re interested, you can now admire the native plants of the island in their full splendor at the Botanical Garden in Sóller.

Spring in Mallorca

Also, at the Cactus Park Bontanicactus in Ses Salines, the cacti are currently in bloom.

Harvesting Oranges

The best-tasting oranges from Mallorca are freshly picked from the tree. Until the end of the month, you have the opportunity to harvest the oranges yourself on a estate in Sóller. You’re allowed to take three kilos per person.

harvesting oranges in spring on mallorca

To be on the safe side, you can taste the various varieties beforehand and choose the tastiest ones for yourself.

Activities on Rainy Days

I wish you many sunny days for your vacation in Mallorca in April! However, if it happens to rain or the weather is otherwise unfavorable, I also want to prepare you for that. On this page, there are more alternatives for rainy days than actual rainy days.

Rain in Mallorca in April

However, be aware: Others are also seeking alternatives during rainy days, and some destinations can be quite crowded.

Traditions & Celebrations on Majorca in April

There is no month in Mallorca where there is not an important fiesta or celebration going on. April is no exception. Here is what you might come across. Maybe you’ll have the chance to take part an experience the true traditional Mallorca.

Mallorcas biggest Fair: The Fira del Ram

This folk festival begins as early as the end of February. It originally emerged somewhat coincidentally around Palm Sunday when a few pilgrims set out on their way to a monastery.

Mallorcas Fair in April

Neither the original location nor the event itself has anything to do with the original now. Only the name has remained. The largest fair in Mallorca takes place every year until the end of the Easter holidays, which is the entire week after Easter Sunday.

The Orange Festival in Sóller

In Sóller, almost everything revolves around oranges. The citrus fruits have brought wealth to the town, with the main harvesting season occurring in spring. On this occasion, a small fair showcases the various products that can be made from oranges.

Orange Festival in Sóller in April

Primarily, the Fira de la Toronja is a culinary event. Numerous restaurants participate, creating experimental dishes with citrus fruits. You can find the program for the Orange Festival here.

World Book Day: The Dragon and Saint George

On April 23rd, World Book Day is celebrated. Because to mark the day, which also honors Saint George, all you need is a book and a rose.

Books can be ordered, and roses can be crafted. In Palma, huge sales posts are set up open air. It’s the best-selling season for bookshops. You can read about the roles of Shakespeare, Cervantes, and a dragon in this article.

Celebrating Easter on Mallorca

Apart from the King’s Day in January, Easter is arguably the most significant religious festival on the island. Throughout Holy Week, processions organized by brotherhoods take place all over the island. On Maundy Thursday, all brotherhoods join together for a grand procession through Palma, marking the largest procession on the island.

Easter procession on Mallorca

Mallorcan children have their Easter holidays starting from Maundy Thursday, and they enjoy the entire week off after Easter. Combined with the beginning of the tourist season and the pleasant weather, this leads to a lively atmosphere in public spaces. You can find a detailed article about Easter on Mallorca here.

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