The Best Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds in Mallorca

What’s better than letting the kids burn off some energy at a playground? During your island adventures, you’ll discover many playgrounds. The island’s capital, Palma, is home to numerous excellent playgrounds for children. In this post, I’ll share my favorite outdoor and indoor playgrounds in Mallorca, especially those in Palma.

Best Playgrounds in Mallorca

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The Spanish have a knack for plastic, largely due to the fact that wood doesn’t fare well in the island’s high humidity and intense sunlight. Consequently, many playgrounds in Mallorca are made of plastic. Nonetheless, you’ll stumble upon some parks boasting wooden play structures as well. Essentially, you’ll find at least a small play zone for children in every town. The most expansive playgrounds are nestled in Palma. During summer, a few municipalities in Mallorca even offer spalsh parks.

The Best Playgrounds in Palma de Mallorca

Palma offers a plethora of playgrounds. From tiny play nooks to expansive parks featuring slides, tunnels, and zip lines. Some are nestled right in the heart of the city, while others are a bit more hidden or located at tourist hotspots. While indoor playgrounds aren’t abundant, there are certainly some alternatives for rainy days as well.

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Playground in the Wood of Bellver Castle

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The forest surrounding Bellver Castle is like something out of a fairy tale. On one hand, it’s said to have been home to the witch Joana, one of the most famous characters in Mallorcan folklore. On the other hand, it’s remarkably dense in parts, considering it’s located right in the middle of the island’s largest city.

Playground in Palma de Mallorca
Playground in the Forest of Bellver Castle.

Just a short walk from the castle lies a lovely playground. There’s plenty of shade, picnic benches, table tennis tables, and a zip line. And of course, there are slides, swings, and other playground equipment you’d expect to find. The forest ends below the playground. However, it’s a bit trickier to find parking there. It’s better to park at the castle and walk to the playground.

What’s great about this playground is that it’s nestled in nature, and you hardly feel like you’re in the island’s capital. The play equipment was recently completely renewed and is in excellent condition. The slides and climbing structures are interconnected and utilize the natural terrain and the small hill. The highlight is the zip line.

There are two minor drawbacks, though: firstly, there are no public restrooms nearby. Secondly, the few parking spots in the immediate vicinity are usually taken. As mentioned, the best option is the parking lot right at the castle.

Playground with Picknick Benches

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This second playground near Bellver Castle features two play areas: one for younger children under three years old and another for older kids. Once again, there are picnic benches, leading many locals to celebrate their children’s birthdays here.

To reach the playground, head as if you’re going to the castle. Before reaching it, there’s a small plateau on the right side where two to three cars can park. From there, follow a short path until you reach the playground.

Parc Bosc de la Ribera, Playa de Palma

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Along Playa de Palma, there’s limited wooded area. However, in an almost untouched section abundant with vegetation, you’ll find Parc Bosc de la Ribera, an extensive forested area perfect for leisurely walks. The area is also suitable for strollers. Along the path through the woods, you’ll encounter various sports equipment and a small playground.

Playground next to Palma Cathedral

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The playground in Palma at Parc de la Mar is particularly appealing to tourists as it’s situated directly below the Cathedral of Palma. It’s a perfect spot for kids to burn off some energy before visiting the church. The playground features a sand base and three large play structures. Surrounding the playground, there’s plenty of grassy area where you can spread out a picnic blanket. Additionally, there are also table tennis tables available.

Playgrounds in Mallorca

The playground right by the cathedral scores points for its proximity to the sea. The play equipment is in good condition and suitable for all age groups. Surrounding the playground, there’s a large, well-maintained lawn area perfect for picnicking.

However, a drawback on summer days is the lack of shade. Plus, there’s no public restroom nearby. The only option is the restrooms in the cathedral’s underground parking garage, which are small and not necessarily clean.

Parking is available for a fee in the underground garage at the cathedral or in the harbor on the other side of the Paseo Maritimo.

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Pocoyo Playground in Palma

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This playground, built in 2012, is located at the end of the busy avenues on the other side of the large playground at Parc de la Mar in Palma, right by the sea. The area includes a green space of over 11 square kilometers.

Pocoyo is a popular animated character from toddler TV shows in Spain. Some of the characters can be found on the play equipment. Accordingly, this playground is geared towards young children between the ages of one and three in terms of its amenities.

Parque de ses Font

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This playground is somewhat off the beaten path for tourists, located near the industrial area known among locals as Ocimax. Nonetheless, this playground is worth a visit.

Firstly, it’s made of wood, which is rather unusual in Mallorca. There are various swings, a fantastic slide, a sand area, and ample space to play. The area is fenced off, offering shaded areas and a pond.

Adventure Playground Sa Riera

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The Parque de Sa Riera is one of Palma’s largest playgrounds, situated in the park of the same name near the cemetery. The children’s playground underwent renovations in 2021 and now boasts even more play equipment than before.

A great perk for parents: there’s a small cafeteria where you can keep an eye on the kids. Besides the playground itself, children can also find opportunities here for playing soccer, a basketball court, a skating area, and other sports equipment.

Parque de Ses Estacions

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The Parque de Ses Estacions is Palma’s central bus and train station located directly at Plaza España. The train station is underground, with a large green area spanning almost 30,000 m2 above it. In the park, you’ll find three playgrounds suitable for children of all ages.

Playgrounds in Palma de Mallorca

The section for the little ones has a rubberized floor. The area for children aged 3 to 5 consists of five train wagons, one for each of the Balearic Islands. The playground for older children is a replica of a train station.

Santa Catalina: Parque Sa Feixina

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Sa Feixina, also known as Sa Faixina, is a large playground in the heart of Palma, situated close to the Es Baluard Museum and the Santa Catalina neighborhood. There are slides and climbing structures for both younger and older children, a sand area, and plenty of swings. Additionally, the green space adds to its charm. You’ll find a variety of modern play equipment here suitable for all age groups.

Playground  Sa Feixina in Palma
Playground Sa Feixina in Palma

On weekends, inflatable bouncy castles and carousels are set up here. A small bar nearby takes care of refreshments. Café Poupette, located right next to the playground, is a popular meeting spot for many parents in the city. Parking can be a bit tricky at this playground as well. It’s best to use the underground parking garage beneath the park or in the Santa Catalina neighborhood.

Even more Playgrounds in Palma

There are a total of 200 parks and playgrounds in the island’s capital. That’s too many to mention all of them here. However, you can find them on an interactive map at and click on them directly.

Island-wide: Great Playgrounds in Mallorca

The rest of the island’s playgrounds can’t quite compete with those in Palma. However, there are a few gems you shouldn’t miss.

Playground with BBQ Area at Cúber Reservoir

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I’ve already talked about the numerous picnic spots scattered across Mallorca’s scenic locations. Some of these even have a playground, like the picnic area at Cúber Reservoir. You can find it when driving from Sóller into the mountains, between kilometer markers 42 and 43.

The area around Cúber Reservoir, which is also great for hiking, has several picnic spots. However, only this one features a playground. It’s quite nice, with a sand base and plenty of space for playing and running around.

Playground at the Malgrats Viewpoint, Santa Ponça

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This playground is particularly great in the evening, allowing you to enjoy the view of the Malgrats Islands as the sun sets while the kids burn off some energy. Though it’s on the smaller side, it serves its purpose well.

There’s a slide, small swings, and climbing structures. A few trees provide some shade, but not everywhere, making it less ideal during the day when the play equipment can get very hot.

Playground at the Beach of Port de Pollença

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A small playground with wooden climbing equipment right on the beach. The play structures are suitable for both younger and older children. Next to it are picnic tables. There is also a beach bar and other dining options nearby.

Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor playgrounds are a great alternative when it’s too wet or too hot outside. There are several options for these on Mallorca as well.

Palma Jump

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Palma Jump is the first trampoline park in Mallorca. It’s covered, making it a great alternative even when it’s raining on Mallorca to tire out the kids. The facility covers 300 square meters, filled with interconnected trampolines.

Children under five years old can only jump under adult supervision. For those with older children who can jump independently, you can relax in the cafeteria in the meantime. Palma Jump is open daily from nine in the morning until ten at night.

Balcón de la Maria, Santa Ponça

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The Balcón de la Maria is actually a restaurant, specifically designed to cater to families. It’s located right on the beach of Santa Ponça, featuring a “balcony” where you can enjoy a wonderful sunset.

What makes this place special is its fairly large indoor playground, consisting of various areas suitable for all age groups.

Which playgrounds would you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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