The Best Beach Clubs in Mallorca

Imagine having your feet buried in the warm sand, a refreshing cocktail grasped firmly in your hand, the gentle Mediterranean breeze brushing against your face. The background filled with chilled-out tunes while the soothing sound of the waves serenades you. This picturesque scene is just one of the many experiences you can have at the best beach clubs in Mallorca. While these beach clubs often exude an air of luxury, they welcome anyone seeking a day of pampering and relaxation under the glorious Mediterranean sun.

Beach Clubs in Mallorca

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What makes the beach clubs in Mallorca truly unique is their diversity. Each club boasts its own charm and character, ranging from vibrant atmospheres to peaceful seclusion. Some clubs entice visitors with alluring pool parties featuring international DJs, while others invite guests to indulge in upscale culinary experiences, with fresh seafood and exquisite wines gracing their menus. Whether you’re seeking a party extravaganza or simply want to unwind and relax, the beach clubs cater to every taste. That’s why, in this post, we will take a collective glimpse at the finest clubs Mallorca has to offer.

Distinction: Strandbar, Chiringuito, and Beach Club

When it comes to unwinding and indulging at the beach, the Spaniards are experts, especially when there’s a charming little beach bar or “Chiringuito” around. In fact, a visit to Mallorca feels incomplete without experiencing one of these beachside gems. But what sets these different establishments apart?

A beach bar is a modest, typically seasonal spot situated right on the shore, often constructed from simple wooden huts. They pop up in early May and close down by the end of October. At these beach bars, you’ll find a variety of beverages, ranging from beer and soft drinks to basic cocktails, sometimes complemented by light snacks like sandwiches or ice cream. Seating options are frequently limited, and the ambiance exudes a relaxed and carefree vibe.

beach bar mallorca

A “Chiringuito” is a type of beach bar primarily found in Spain, originating from the Spanish language. Similar to regular beach bars, Chiringuitos offer a relaxed atmosphere and serve drinks and simple dishes. However, compared to traditional beach bars, they have a slightly broader selection of food and drinks while still maintaining a casual and laid-back vibe.

On the other hand, a Beach Club is a more upscale and exclusive establishment, emphasizing luxury, comfort, and style. Beach Clubs often feature amenities such as pools, sun loungers, lounge areas, and sometimes even spa facilities. Their offerings include a much wider array of high-quality food and drinks, including elaborate cocktails and gourmet cuisine. Beach Clubs in Mallorca frequently host special events like pool parties, DJ performances, and other entertainment options. Entry to a Beach Club may come with an admission fee or require a minimum consumption charge.

The 9 Best Beach Clubs in Mallorca

Feeling intrigued? Let’s now explore which Beach Clubs in Mallorca are worth a visit, what they have to offer, and where to find them. Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments section below.

Nikki Beach Mallorca – Luxurious Beach Club on the Calvià Beach

Opening hours: from 11 am – Restaurant: from 12 pm to 7 pm – Bar: from 12 pm to 8 pm

Nikki Beach is a globally renowned brand known for its luxurious ambiance, top-notch DJs, elegant beach parties, and excellent service. In Mallorca, you’ll find this prestigious beach club in Magaluf, right on the beach. The club features an award-winning restaurant, a large outdoor pool, a cabana beach bar, and a lifestyle boutique.

The extensive menu offers delightful dishes from various countries, including creative sushi rolls and fresh seafood. The interior decor is highly elegant, blending luxury with coziness, while the outdoor area boasts comfortable loungers and beds. But Nikki Beach is not just for a relaxed beach day; the evening parties are also highly sought after.

Purobeach Palma de Mallorca – Lifestyle Club

Purobeach was the first beach club I visited in Mallorca. Overlooking the sea, it offers a laid-back ambiance with comfortable beds, delicious cocktails, and a fantastic selection of international cuisine.

The beach club is located on a small peninsula right in the bay of Palma, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the sea. Its centerpiece is the trendy club, perfect for long weekends, but it also features a restaurant, wellness area, and exclusive products. During the day, you can come to the beach club for breakfast or yoga, while evenings are enlivened by regular DJ sessions and parties, creating a great atmosphere.

Its distinguishing feature is the minimalist interior, mostly adorned in white. The culinary offerings range from delicious salads to fresh fish and a variety of smoothies. Balinese loungers around the sea-water pool, crafted from black volcanic stone, beckon for relaxation, and renowned DJs ensure the perfect ambiance.

Mhares Sea Club Puig de Ros – Adults only

The Mhares Sea Club captivates with its stunning location on a cliff, providing a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea, making it the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset in Mallorca. The facility is only 15 minutes away from Palma and is nestled in a relatively untouched natural environment.

Throughout the day, you can indulge in a poolside experience overlooking the Maioris Decima quarries and the mesmerizing sea. As the sun sets, unwind to soothing music while witnessing the stunning sight of the sun vanishing into the ocean. The club’s restaurant offers a delightful array of carefully chosen dishes, complemented by an extensive wine selection.

Nassau Beach Club – With Your Feet in the Sand

Located at the eastern end of Palma in the chic suburb of Portixol, you’ll find the exclusive Nassau Beach Club. Offering fantastic views of Palma’s Cathedral and the charming harbor of the area, this beach club perfectly complements the transformation of the former fishing village of Portixol into a trendy neighborhood, illustrating the gentrification on the holiday island.

Once a gloomy and dilapidated area, Portixol has evolved into a vibrant district, attracting visitors with its array of bars and restaurants, while also driving up property prices. The Nassau Beach Club blends seamlessly into this evolving landscape. Unlike most clubs, its loungers are indeed placed on the sandy beach. During the day, you can enjoy drinks and snacks, while in the evening, the club transforms into an elegant party hotspot.

The Nassau Beach Club attracts a sophisticated clientele, including international celebrities. With exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, fabulous sushi, and pleasant music, visitors can enjoy the sun, sand, cocktails, and breathtaking sunset near the Cathedral. The club is open all year round, and there is a nearby dock for boats and yachts.

Anima Beach – The Urban Beach Club

The Anima Beach Club is situated at the western end of Palma’s city beach, Can Pere Antoni, and stands out with its futuristic design and modern furniture in vibrant colors. The club is a stylish place to chill and indulge, offering reasonable prices. Although there is no pool, guests can access the sea via the rocks. The terrace extends out into the sea, providing a spectacular view of the capital’s bay. Visitors can relax on the spacious sun loungers and Balinese beds with integrated sun protection.

The restaurant features a diverse menu with a focus on light Mediterranean dishes, particularly fish and seafood. As the only urban beach club in Mallorca, Anima Beach offers an unforgettable view of the impressive Cathedral. The city center is just ten minutes away, making the combination of city and sea especially appealing. The club operates from early May until the end of October, providing a top-notch location for relaxation and culinary delight.

Gran Folies Beach Club – The Hidden Gem

The Gran Folies Beach Club is a delightful alternative to the crowded and well-known beach clubs in Mallorca. With a relaxed atmosphere and a stunning location at Cala Llamp, it offers a nearly Caribbean ambiance surrounded by cliffs and turquoise waters. Despite its 15-year existence, the club remains less renowned, which adds to its serene and tranquil appeal.

One minor drawback is the lack of direct beach access, but the fantastic seawater pool more than compensates for it. The restaurant serves delectable dishes, including delicious paella. Thanks to its secluded location and limited parking options, the club remains less crowded even during the summer months.

Balneario Illetas – The Largest Beach Club in Mallorca

The Balneario Illetas, also known as Las Terrazas Beach Club, is a well-loved restaurant and top-notch beach club. Boasting a history as one of the oldest beach bars in the area, it spans over 9000 square meters and can accommodate up to 300 people, with an additional 200 sun loungers available.

Culinary delights await you at Balneario Illetas throughout the day. You’ll find an extensive selection of breakfast options, while lunch presents a delightful choice between paella, succulent shrimp, and other delectable seafood. And for those refreshing breaks, indulge in their signature cocktail, the famous Chelsea Iced Tea. As night descends, the club is beautifully lit by flickering torches and soothing candles, creating an enchanting ambiance. Furthermore, the establishment includes a small boutique and a wellness center, completing the experience of a truly delightful beach getaway.

Zhero Boathouse – International Flair in Magaluf

The Zhero Boat House in Magaluf is located just a few meters away from Nikki Beach Club and is a great place to relax and listen to music. The small pool is perfect for cooling off on hot days, and the restaurant offers an interesting selection of Mediterranean, Japanese, and international cuisine.

Moreover, the fantastic location in the bay allows for enjoying breathtaking sea views. The sun terrace is made of tasteful teakwood. For those who prefer the sea, there is direct access to the water from the club via a staircase.

Tabgha Beach Club – The Solidarity Beach Bar

For many years, the highly popular Roxy Beach Club, beloved among VIPs, occupied the spot where Caritas currently operates the Tabgha Beach Club. Puerto Portals is a trendy “it-spot” in Mallorca, particularly popular among boat owners and celebrities. With its hip Ibiza atmosphere and breathtaking sunsets, the beach club was one of the most sought-after summer spots in the Balearic Islands.

And it can be that again. Now, not only can you indulge in luxury there, but you can also do some good. All profits from the Tabgha Beach Club are used to build a residential facility where needy families can stay until they find a permanent home in Mallorca’s tight housing market.

The name Tabgha refers to the Israeli city where, according to the bible, Jesus miraculously multiplied bread and fish to feed the 5,000. Your menu, however, is more extensive. From 9 am to 9 pm daily, you can enjoy breakfast, salads, snacks, and the typical Pa amb Oli (bread with oil).

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